bread for cheaters.

This is the super easy and magical NYTimes no-knead bread recipe. Easy to make and easily customizable. Which you know I did because I cant leave anything alone.

I rarely make bread for several reasons. One, It has to be babied, which requires a certain amount of time at home, and two, it isn’t really nutritious at all. However, I am working from home currently, as is Eliz’s bf, who has evidently been making this every week, and I had some, and then I went home and wanted more. And when he told me how fuss free it was I decided to give it a go. So this is cheating. No kneading. No babysitting.

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angelica kitchen’s amaranth and sunflower bread

I am making this bread its own post, even though I made it for my angelica kitchen’s marinated tofu sandwich post. It turned out so well and was so delicious on its own that it deserves it. I am not surprised though. The fresh made breads at Angelica Kitchen are always great, and their spreads make me melt. I just purchased their cookbook so I can learn their wonderful ways, and I am pleased to say that this bread was a success on my first try! I was looking for good, yeast free bread recipes, and this was not only perfect but very easy, which is NOT a word I usually apply to bread making.

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angelica kitchen’s marinated tofu sandwich – lemon rosemary baked tofu, walnut pesto and roasted carrots and onions on amaranth sunflower bread

I was never super fond of vegan food. Vegetarian yes, vegan not so much. However, 10 years ago a dear friend took me to eat at Angelica Kitchen and I have never been the same. It is one of the most wonderful and delicious restaurants I have ever been to. The quality of their ingredients and the inventiveness of their menu combined with their chill setting and reasonable prices amaze me. The fact that you can buy their breads and spreads to go is a bonus as well. A few people I know dislike them because they are kind of pretentious. There are no cell phones allowed in the restaurant (I love this) and they sometimes roll their eyes if you ask what something is. But this is only because there is a glossary on the back of the menu. And as someone who can get pretentious, I am unbothered. plus, if I could cook so seemingly effortlessly as they can, I’d be damn proud too. And you know what? I AM proud, actually. I think for a first shot, I did a pretty damn good job, and this was most DEFINITELY my first time making an entire sandwich, bread included, from scratch.

So, this is mine, made from their cookbook.

And this is the restaurant version, only on 7 grain bread

I think I did pretty damn good! You should try it too!

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whole wheat strawberry banana muffins

So I woke up this morning to a snowstorm! Finally, Winter has arrived in Brooklyn. It is so pretty, and I am SO GLAD to be working from home today. I am also so glad that I have 2 old bananas and a container of strawberries. I dont even have to go out and get anything to make breakfast. I put a pot of coffee on and whipped up these lovely muffins to enjoy by the window, watching the snow fall.

The Aftermath.

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cheesy breakfast biscuit sandwiches!

Sunday Brunch! goat cheese and chive breakfast biscuits filled with country ham and cheesy scrambled eggs served with fresh berries.

So I am big on not wasting food, and I wanted to share what I am doing with leftover cheese from the Jarlsberg Sculpture I made for the IACP launch party last week. The Chevrai went in to these amazing biscuits, and the Jarlsberg shreds went in to these super fluffy and delicious scrambled eggs. Sunday brunch is one of my favorite things ever, I love waking up whenever, putting some music on and cooking in my PJs while singing to myself. Paired with the country ham I brought back from my trip to North Carolina, this made for one of the best breakfast sandwiches I have ever made! And I have made A LOT.

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yogurt biscuits

So while I was in North Carolina, my mom and I made brunch together. She made her amazingly creamy stone ground grits with red eye gravy and country ham, and I made scrambled eggs with cheese and biscuits. Usually I go with my grandmother’s biscuit recipe but I was in the mood to make something healthier, and came across these pretty babies on Honey & Jam.

I’ve been having them for breakfast in the morning with honey and peanut butter. Its an energizing and yummy way to start one’s day. : )

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zucchini bread pizza!

So in becoming the Bubba Gump of zucchini, I decided that I would figure out how to make a zucchini based pizza dough, as I am running out of ways i like zucchini that don’t involve frying. It was a terrible idea. It failed miserably, i had to throw away an entire pizza. I wasted a lot of time, blah blah blah. To avoid starving another evening, but still wanting to succeed, I decided to tweak a savory zucchini bread recipe i found via Tastespotting on Tung in Cheek and make it in the shape of a pizza crust and go from there.

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grilled steak with purslane, tomato basil salad and jalepeno cornbread!

So tonight Lynn, Diego and I prepared an entire meal with several CSA goodies at their house for their friends visiting from Florida. We used the purslane, jalepeno, sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, and basil.

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rhubarb berry french toast cubes with rhubarb syrup


So, i dont believe in wasting food and i LOVE efficiency, so the fruit solids left over from your rhubarb berry syrup (previous post) can be substituted for the fruit called for in my previously posted recipe for rhubarb yogurt muffins and made into bread, which pleases me greatly. i love getting several different meals from the same ingredients. So Kat and I decided to make it into a loaf, and then she had the BRILLIANT idea to turn it into french toast and serve it with the leftover syrup. It was the most amazing french toast i have ever had in my life. Hands Down.

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