overnight refrigerator oatmeal.

I have been dying to post this baby! I was searching for a new breakfast, as eating KIND bars or a piece o fruit was getting boring, and I can’t have a lot of eggs. Everyone and their mother seem to be all over this, and though I rarely get on board with food trends, see: kale chips, maple/bacon anything…this one is so great I jumped right on. You know how much I love a great base recipe that can be altered over and over so I never get bored, and this one couples that with the beautiful fact that it is possibly the quickest, easiest, healthiest, most wonderful thing ever. Hot or cold, overnight refrigerator oatmeal is where its at. And its ugly as hell. Bonuses all ’round.

Oats, chia seeds, milk and yogurt are the base for a great breakfast! And I may or may not have had some for dinner the other night.

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Tortas de Aceite – a fine way to enjoy your CSA apple butter!

No recipe, sorry. Just wanted to show off my amazingly delicious CSA apple butter with some orange olive oil tortas that I am munching on this morning while I check emails… I get to start slowly reintroducing things this week and I started vinegar over the weekend, and then yeast today. Not that these tortas have much, but its in there!!!

And you can bask in the mess that is currently my desk.

All gone! NOM. Now time for meetings. BOO. haha

three kinds of honey buns!

My latest and greatest foodie gig is reviewing products from Honey Ridge Farms. I took this job because honey is the most awesome food, and over the past couple years tweaking my diet to suit my PCOS and my body’s inability to properly process sugar, honey has been a godsend. It really is a natural wonder. There is a reason that it has been eaten by humans for over 10,000 years, and why there has been so much attention in the past couple years to the disappearance of bees in documentaries such as The Vanishing of the Bees . Anything that can used from anything to a sweetener, a medicine to heal wounds and rashes, to an embalming fluid gets an A++ in my book. I mean, in Hinduism, honey is one of the five elixirs of immortality. You can’t get a better review than that!

My first shipment was three honey and fruit cremes. Honey Ridge farms has an incredible product line up, and not only are they Kosher certified, but the farm donates money to help fund research to promote bee colony health. When one-third of our food source depends on honeybee pollination, this is good news!

I tasted them all and they were amazing. I knew I had to make something to highlight them. And what better to do that than Honey buns!? This pretty baby is the raspberry version.

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whole wheat strawberry banana muffins

So I woke up this morning to a snowstorm! Finally, Winter has arrived in Brooklyn. It is so pretty, and I am SO GLAD to be working from home today. I am also so glad that I have 2 old bananas and a container of strawberries. I dont even have to go out and get anything to make breakfast. I put a pot of coffee on and whipped up these lovely muffins to enjoy by the window, watching the snow fall.

The Aftermath.

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cheesy breakfast biscuit sandwiches!

Sunday Brunch! goat cheese and chive breakfast biscuits filled with country ham and cheesy scrambled eggs served with fresh berries.

So I am big on not wasting food, and I wanted to share what I am doing with leftover cheese from the Jarlsberg Sculpture I made for the IACP launch party last week. The Chevrai went in to these amazing biscuits, and the Jarlsberg shreds went in to these super fluffy and delicious scrambled eggs. Sunday brunch is one of my favorite things ever, I love waking up whenever, putting some music on and cooking in my PJs while singing to myself. Paired with the country ham I brought back from my trip to North Carolina, this made for one of the best breakfast sandwiches I have ever made! And I have made A LOT.

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yogurt biscuits

So while I was in North Carolina, my mom and I made brunch together. She made her amazingly creamy stone ground grits with red eye gravy and country ham, and I made scrambled eggs with cheese and biscuits. Usually I go with my grandmother’s biscuit recipe but I was in the mood to make something healthier, and came across these pretty babies on Honey & Jam.

I’ve been having them for breakfast in the morning with honey and peanut butter. Its an energizing and yummy way to start one’s day. : )

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little red potatoes.

I walked in to the kitchen one morning when I lived with Lynn and Diego, and asked Lynn why she was making a pan of carrots for breakfast. She laughed at me and said they were potatoes. She and Diego made them all the time, and we came to calling them, simply, little red potatoes. This is a crowd favorite side dish, perfect for brunch or dinner, and I have been asked several times for the recipe, just as I once asked for it. Who knew these potatoes were so damn easy! They pack a serious flavor punch of coriander and annatto, and are really quite beautiful! For this round, I added 2 sweet potatoes, and it worked quite well.

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slow cooker apple pear butter

So I have had my CSA pears for awhile, and last week I got some apples. My friend Emily at Nomnivorous happened to make Salted Caramel Apple Pear Butter this week, and I thought I would do the same. I am not a sweets person, I like fruit on its own. I would follow her recipe if you are looking for something sweet and caramelly delicious, and mine if you want a nice, tart compote style butter. I plan to purchase an immersion blender to improve the texture here, but it was really good regardless.

This is it plopped nice n hot atop a spoonful of Greek yogurt this morning!

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apple ring pancakes! with cinnamon almond ice cream!

The first thing my mother taught me how to make when I was a little girl was pancakes. Every Saturday morning I would wake up and help her make the batter. I was always getting in to trouble for literally crushing the eggs. We were on the phone the other day talkin’ about my CSA stuff, and how many apples I have/am going to have. I am the only American that hates apple pie. I usually just eat them raw. She suggested I cute them in to rings and dip them in a spiced pancake batter. Genius!

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