Party like a Mad Woman.

As someone who has been obsessed with vintage recipes for years, I was beside myself at the chance to grab a copy of The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook as well as a copy for one of you! It’s page upon page of amazing recipes and old New York..and who the hell isn’t nostalgic for THAT nowadays? The city is dining on blinis with caviar, shrimp cocktails, steak tartar…eating Waldorf salads, crown roasts…making popcorn balls and baking pears in wine. Everyone is drinking Vespers in their finest. They’re drinking Martinis, Mai Tais, Mint Juleps, Rusty Nails, and BRANDY ALEXANDERS. And I am absolutely…

Miss Brandy Alexander

To be fair, this is for several reasons. The obvious one being that they are effing delicious. Secondly, Invisible Monsters is probably one of my top five favorite pieces of fiction, the character of Brandy Alexander is a really powerful one, with the takeaway being to go to the place you fear, which is where I try and live since reading it in ’99. And in the cookbook it’s a Peggy recipe, and how great of a character is she? You might remember her ordering one on a date after being introduced to them by Joan. They’re a little bit sweet, a little bit creamy, and a lot bit boozy. They are dangerous.

BA Recipe

And oh so easy to concoct. Dump. Shake. Pour. Devour.

BA Shaker

How pretty is this little lady!?

BA Drink

When I decided to “go to the place I fear” and leave NYC, it was for this. A rotating band of misfit creatives that get together and have what we like to call “Crafts Night.” You can bring an actual craft, like knitting or painting, or just the craft of conversation. Obviously this is the place to craft my Brandy Alexander.

BA Cheers

So by all means, make yourself something nostalgic with good people ASAP. And comment below to win a copy for yourself! (Click the little thought bubble at the bottom right.) A winner will be chosen at random and announced April 7th, so get your comments in before end of day EST on the 6th.

**UPDATE!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS MELISSA ON WINNING A COPY!!!! YAY!!!!!! It shall be mailed straightaway!

BA Aerial Cheers

With Love and By Hand, UFTB.


5 thoughts on “Party like a Mad Woman.

  1. Sigh, I miss a good craft night. Bryan has sung the praises of Brandy Alexanders and how they tend to sneak up on you, curious as to how that craft night worked out for you guys! haha!

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