About the Chef

Chef SweaterMeat – Knits. Cooks. Great Rack.

Texture based. In designing sweaters as much as cooking, I like the way certain textures go together, how it feels to take various blades through different foods. I approach cooking with a Like Water for Chocolate mentality, it explains why I can never make the same recipe taste exactly like my mother’s or grandmother’s. They all taste like mine. I dont have their hands, their hearts. I find cooking to be a form of meditation, and I love feeding people.

I think wasting food is a sin. If you don’t take your leftovers home with you from a restaurant, expect me to come over to your table and annoy the ever living shit out of you. I also like recipes that can easily be changed to meet different tastes and to use up leftovers.

I don’t believe in dieting. I think health is a combination of exercise you dont notice (dancing, sex, playing around with friends, swimming, biking) laughter, happiness, whole foods AND comfort foods. A balance of organic, natural foods, and artificial cheese!!! : ) I think its important that if you are going to eat unhealthy things, they had better be worth it. I like to think of myself as professionally fat. Also, I have PCOS, which makes it difficult for me to process sugar and to lose weight, and a crap ton of food sensitivities, so that definitely contributes too.

With Love and By Hand,

~Eryn Stutts
a.k.a. Chef SweaterMeat

Contact me at Kitchen@uglyfoodtastesbetter.com with any questions or comments.

I am also for hire as a private chef, and I specialize in themed meals. Clearly.

4 thoughts on “About the Chef

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  2. Hey Eryn,

    I was next to you at the takedown! Excited to have some of your Reuben mac, although most of it may get frozen for a couple weeks down the road.

    Just thought i’d peek at your blog, and I find it really interesting that you are a knitter, as I am too!

    Anyway, enjoy a relaxing evening, I’m sure we both deserve one!

    So nice to meet you!

  3. YAY!!! I totally ate your beer, brat, bleu last night, it was everything I dreamed it would be. What do you knit? It was great to meet you too! I will be blogging my recipe shortly. : )

  4. Eryn – was great to meet you last week at Swappers! I’ll bring more chicken liver pate next time. Always great to meet a fellow Southern food lover. Your food looks super tasty! You can also check out what I’ve been cooking lately on mealku.com. My cook profile name is Johnny V. Would love to chat about some events we’re doing that I think you’d be a good fit for. Send me an email.

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