egg salad, two ways.

So every Saturday there is a food fest in my neighborhood called Smorgasburg. They have great little food booths and produce stands, it is rather awesome. This trip I picked up 2 cute little mayos from Empire Mayo to use to make egg salad with my CSA farm eggs, one made with emu eggs and a chile flavored variety. They’re pretty effing delicious.

Serves – 4

Nutrition – fatty but whole foods.

Ingredients –
8 farm fresh eggs
3 tb Empire chile mayo
3 tb Empire ostrich egg mayo
2 tsp celery salt
2 tsp fresh ground black pepper
1 tsp paprika

Step 1 – Hardboil eggs, peel and roughly chop. (Anyone have advice on how to peel eggs? Evidently farm fresh are much harder.)

Step 2 – separate the eggs in half and put in 2 bowls. For Spicy egg salad, mix in half salt and pepper with chile mayo and stir….for Regular egg salad, mix in half the salt and pepper w plain mayo and paprika and stir.

Spread on your favorite bread or bagel..sorry for the horrible photo. I served it with duck bacon, so that should make up for it…SO good.

Combine with the yogurt muffins posted previously, and you’ve got a whole brunch!

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