CSA Chopped Episode #5

This week’s goods…

I am pretty excited about the kholrabi, as he is adorable! Like a little scuplture out of Beetlejuice! I don’t know what to do with him though, gonna peruse Tastespotting later. Also, on an unrelated but exciting note, my cilantro is starting to do REALLY well, YAY! Last year’s didn’t work out at all. I have the exact opposite of a green thumb, whatever that would be. i’ll take suggestions for what to do with kholrabi and a name for my thumb now please…

2 thoughts on “CSA Chopped Episode #5

  1. I have CSA envy. This week we got lots of kale, no berries, and a letter from the organizers telling us to be patient with them! That is one exciting spread you have there!

    PS. Red thumb? Thumb-of-doom?

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