CSA Chopped Episode #10

This week was pretty good, we are all beyond sick of cucumbers though, so we juiced these with the peaches, a small zucchini, a green apple, a grapefruit and a handful of grapes that Lynn decided to throw in (she is getting a little crazy with her juicer.) It was super delicious and matched her wallpaper exactly. See?

She had just gotten back from a trip to Spain (lucky girl) and brought me back Saffron! What a great gift! I am going to think of something super special to do with it.

I also wanted to include more pictures of the flowers from this week, they were really pretty, and as I am currently working on Fall 2012 Color palettes at work, i have been pulling colors from all over the place. I pulled out the weirdo ones for their very own vase, they’re so cute!

Anyways, I am really excited about the eggplant…think ima make eggplant zucchini parm! I have to, right???

2 thoughts on “CSA Chopped Episode #10

  1. For us, eggplant are a bit like your cucumber. We get so many that it’s hard to keep up and I have to “hide” them in dishes since my family revolts.

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