breakfast for dinner! ham and egg sammiches

So i actually made these 2 weeks ago before I left for Europe…I had to use up some stuff in my fridge, including my CSA eggs, which i learned the hard, black and neon green way, go bad a lot faster than store eggs. I also had some potato bread, ham, sopressata, and emmentaler cheese.

Serves – 3

Nutrition – several food groups?

Ingredients –
6 slices deli ham
6 slices sopressata
3 slices emmentaler cheese
6 slices potato bread
6 eggs*
2 TB butter
Fresh ground black pepper
Hot sauce of choice – I used Frank’s Red Hot
Sandwich spread of choice – I used Miracle Whip for mine and mayo for the boys.

Step 1 – heat some butter in a small frying pan whilst toasting bread.

Step 2 – fry eggs in twos

Step 3 – Assemble sammiches! bread, spread, sopressata, cheese, ham, eggs, hot sauce, pepper, bread.

Done. Delicious.

*CSA ingredient

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