grilled steak pita with green beans

This is a quickie dinner but I was proud of how the CSA green beans turned out, as well as how quick this all came together. I was going to make braciole, but decided to be a good girl and work out and make something semi-healthy with a beautiful steak that needed to get grilled

If you have a meat to grill and need a meal in 15 minutes, then this could be for you. Also good to note, you do not have to cook your veggies in butter! They are actually MORE delicious cooked in good stock, i swear.

Serves – me today and tomorrow

Nutrition – Protein. Check. Carb. Check. Vegetable. Check.

Ingredients –

1 steak, seasoned with freshly ground salt and pepper
1 pita or flatbread
1 scoop leftover marinara sauce
1 slice provolone cheese

1 serving green beans*
1 tsp red pepper flakes
1/2 cup stock of choice
freshly ground salt and pepper
2 cloves garlic, minced

Follow steps simultaneously.

Step 1 –
Heat up the George Foreman, cause you’re too cold and tired to go outside and use the grill – put steak on
Heat stock in a small pan with a lid and add garlic and beans

Step 2 –
Add red pepper flakes and S&P to beans, stir, cover.
Toast your bread in the oven, (i toast it while it preheats, it works)

Step 3 –
Stir beans
Check on steak
Add a slice of provolone to your pita put back in oven

Step 4 –
Remove steak once cooked to your liking, trim all fat and slice into bite size pieces
Take pita from the oven and spread sauce on
Plate green beans

Congratulate self on a job well done, and Farmer Chris for growing such delicious green beans, even though you might have burned the garlic a touch.

*CSA Ingredients

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