Randwich Day!

One of the reasons I adore living in NYC is that it caters to you, and in the most unique ways. You can get whatever you want delivered. Anything. I recently met a cool chick who runs a cool little company called Randwiches. For $7, she will make and deliver you a random sandwich that she made from scratch. We put in a group order at my office and got our delivery right on time.

We got 6 different sandwiches! I was expecting 6 of the same, so it was difficult to choose, but I ended up scoring a baguette with coppa ham, 5 spice pork, pumpkin jam, walnuts, tomatoes, and brussel slaw!

So delicious! I am very particular about my filling to bread ratio, and I felt there should have been more slaw, but everything else was dead on, and I would definitely do this again, and I tell people about it ALL THE TIME. Love love love.

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