beef and prosciutto stuffed butternut squash

So, this is just a tweaked version of my previously posted Quinoa Stuffed Squash, but in the interest of showcasing what I do with my CSA goods, I wanted to share, and explain the changes I made this time around. And the recipe is just so damn good, I wanted it again!

You’ll notice I made a man sized plate and a lady sized plate for me and The Bee, haha. As for what I did differently….

I switched out the acorn squash for the butternut squash I got in last week’s CSA, used spicy olive oil to brush over the squash, seasoned with red pepper flakes and cayenne powder instead of cinnamon and nutmeg….and I switched up the meat. I found a great blend of ground beef and prosciutto and just couldn’t help myself. Perfect for butternut squash! It was ridiculously good. : )

*The parsley was also from the CSA

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