baked rabbit and lamb sausage parm w spicy red garlic bread!

I debated posting this, as baked pasta isn’t really anything special to make. Most people have a favorite baked pasta recipe as it is, and so I am not including a sauce recipe.. BUT I made some lovely tweaks – fancy pasta, killer sausages, turkish red garlic -for this meatstravaganza and so here we are, with a food porn post.

First, I bought some ridiculously amazing sausages from The Meat Hook around the corner from my house. They have ridiculously talented butchers and they make really unique and lovely sausages. These were rabbit, lamb and herb. I grilled them on my Foreman and sliced them up!

Second, I was meandering about Emily’s Pork Store (also great sausages there, clearly) and found these super long tubes of pasta. I originally had grand delusions of piping something in to them. Glad I didn’t. A lot of them split while cooking. Still cool as shit and really good.

Third, I got Turkish red garlic in my CSA. I usually don’t make garlic bread with pasta because its rendundant white flour wise, but I wanted to make something where I would really be able to taste a garlic I have never had before, because i love me some garlic. I was very disappointed to crush one and find that they looked totally normal. The beautiful purple red outside seemed so promising!

This was orginally planned to be made with what I thought was marinara sauce that I defrosted, as I usually keep a large container of it in my freezer. Turns out it was bolognese sauce. Guess my mom was right about labeling things. Whoops. Instead of putting the sausage aside for another meal like an adult, I went all in and used both. I mean, it was already grilled!

Baked sausage parmisiagna with spicy red garlic bread

Serves – 4

Nutrition – Pretty friggin’ meaty and carb laden.

Ingredients –

Parm –
1 package pasta of choice
1 quart sauce of choice
3 cups shredded mozz
2 grilled sausage links
1/4 cup parmesan cheese

Garlic Bread –
1 good baguette, sliced
2 cloves red garlic*
3-4 TB butter
red pepper flakes

Preheat oven to 350. Cook and Drain your pasta, mix in a pot with sauce and spoon in to a casserole dish or a lasagna pan…

Top with sliced grilled sausage…

Cover in cheese!

Bake for 25-30 minutes, and if you are lucky enough to have a broiler, pop it under there for 5. I am not, unfortunately. : ( Serve immediately

While your pasta is baking, slice and butter both sides of your bread and place on a baking sheet. Sprinkle with garlic, herbs and red pepper flakes. When there are ten minutes left to bake on your pasta, pop your bread in the oven.

Serve in slices topped with grated parm and a piece or two of garlic bread.

Consensus – I love how the long tubes of pasta worked with this dish, especially how they held the cheese in shape so this looks like a pasta pie! The sausage was lovely but not indulgent, and the bolognese was actually quite nice, I don’t know that a marinara would have sufficed! The garlic bread was delicious, although I couldn’t taste a difference in the garlic. This is truly a classic comfort meal for me and I very much enjoyed it!

*CSA Ingredient

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