slow cooker corned beef and cabbage with horseradish mashed potatoes

OK So you are SICK of Thanksgiving food, you have a shit ton of leftover mashed potatoes, and you just got a new slow cooker that you are dying to try. What do you do? Make this. It’ll be a nice break before your next turkey sammich (in my case, one with cranberry horseradish sauce). And good practice for St Patrick’s Day!

I started with this recipe as my guide and made my own tweaks. Clearly there was no need for potatoes, as I have leftovers, and i didn’t have a rutabaga, so there went that. And I added a lot more vegetables in to the mix to make up for that. : )

Serves – 4 fat, 6 thin. (people)

Nutrition – Um. There ARE vegetables.


meat n veggies –
4 lbs corned beef brisket
3 TB pickling spice (my came with my Fresh Direct brisket)
4 large carrots, cut in to inch long chunks
2-3 leeks, white and light-green parts only, cut into inch long chunks
1 head Savoy cabbage, cut into wedges
6 cups hot water

horseradish potatoes –
3 cups leftover mashed potatoes
2 TB horseradish cream (or to taste)
1/2 cup sour cream (I used reduced fat bc i like it better)
1 tsp hot sauce of choice, i used Texas Pete

I am already in love with slow-cooking. I am so busy this time of year, like everyone else is I am sure, and now I am going to have so much more free time now to get my knitting done! Just chuck your meat in to the slow cooker and cover with pickling spices, then your carrots and leeks and cover in hot water, making sure there is about an inch of coverage over the meat. Cook on medium for 8 hours, adding cabbage with 2 hours left.

sexy pickling spices on raw meat

Then 15 minutes before your corned beef is done, throw your potatoes in a pot and heat, mixing in horseradish cream, sour cream and hot sauce. Slice your meat and serve!

This was such a refreshing break from what I have been eating, I am so beyond excited to slow cook the shit out of everything around me!!! ; )

And with THESE leftovers, might I recommend making Reuben Macaroni and Cheese!

17 thoughts on “slow cooker corned beef and cabbage with horseradish mashed potatoes

  1. That is some super yummy looking corned beef. I have a slow cooker too that I am trying to master. I am having a little trouble with recipe conversions . . . But this is such a great idea, and no conversions needed!

  2. Yeah i just got it, i ended up getting a book because for everything i want to make there are 10 ridiculously different recipes online, or they just gives you all the steps but fail to mention a time OR temperature. Very helpful. haha. I learned this when some oatmeal went very wrong, haha.

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  5. I don’t understand why the person with the corned beef & cabbage receipe feels the need to use that kind of language

    • I was somewhat concerned about this as well so I was a little hesitant to try this recipe. Remembering that my therapist encouraged me to try new things, I trudged on through my rational first thought, to disregard a cooking recipe based on “spicy” language used by it’s author, and made the dish anyway. It ended up being incredibly delicious and filling. The prisoners in my basement loved it. However, to my horrow, I began experiencing changes that I originally feared. I have begun to have a more open mind and have even said the “F” word on a couple of occasions, even though tiny baby Jesus Christ instructed me that it is pretty much the Devil’s favorite word. I also stopped spitting on Mexicans and haven’t watched the Bill Engvall Show in weeks. HELP.

  6. I am the person with the recipe, you are on my website. : ) I don’t understand why you felt the need to share that. If you can’t get past it, don’t read it. I maintain the philosophy that words like hate and they way we behave towards eachother are far more dangerous than using traditional curse words, which by this point in time have lost their original meanings and evolved in to something else.

    • Your maturity is in question. How about cleaning up your mouth. Your philosophy is unwanted. How about some straight talk when you share a recipe. As liberal as I am, I still like good information without the flaring of ones personality spoiling it. Please grow up.

      • Its been awhile since I read this post. I use the word shit twice, and to describe things, not people. You are speaking about the personality and maturity levels of a human being you don’t even know. I wish you luck in trying to find another corned beef recipe on the internet. I know it will be hard. Try Google, I heard its awesome. Hopefully you can help those people with what you have decided are their flaws as well, and then the entire world can cater to YOUR philosophy, which is evidently important whereas mine is not, because it isn’t the same as yours. Very liberal indeed!

      • (This reply brought to you in the style of the New York Times review of Guy Fieri’s recent Time Square culinary abortion)

        Dear Frosty Box,

        Did you go to Bob Jones University? Is your life so sheltered that swears send shivers down your spine? Do you wish for the sweet embrace of death so that you can escape this repugnant world and all of us potty mouths? Does the quality of a recipe change based on the vocabulary of the author? Have you been satisfactorily penetrated this decade? Is this blog called “uglyfoodtastesbetterwhenwedontsaybadwords”? Have you ever been on the Internet before? Do you read these blogs to your cats, Mr. Whiskers and Puddin’ Puss? If I broke your jaw open and shat in your mouth would you be more concerned with the flavor or with my spicy language? Are you currently crying in a corner and counting your hair?

        Love you,


        PS: Stop wasting our oxygen you horribly boring excuse for a person. You are the human equivalent of ovaltine.

      • Just what I want with my recipes.. a little “straight talk”. No frills, no banter, shit.. no adjectives if at all possible.

        Dear God, I hope you have some serious safe search software embedded in your web browser. If this thing you randomly found on the internet has offended you, buckle up. Your pointless and apropos of nothing reference to your “liberalism” is offensive. I still like to read a good comment section without someone’s non-personality spoiling it.

  7. What is in your heart is much more important than the language. Thank you for sharing and bless your giving heart

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