winter CSA pickup 1 – December

So the Garden Of Eve farm’s winter CSA is a once a month pickup, and its a Saturday morning only pickup, which is nice for several reasons – It forces me to get up early and be productive all day, and it is located at the McCarren park Farmer’s Market, so I can pick up other goodies as well. The winter CSA also has the option of purchasing a chicken, you just have to order in advance, which I clearly did. An 8.64 pound bird!

One of the nice things about this CSA is that they send you an ADVANCE email with everything that you will be getting in your share, as well as its worth. The Summer CSA I did didn’t do this, and while it was fun to be surprised at pick-up, it made planning meals and grocery shopping very difficult. Although, I did have to do a vegan share AND a shopping basket share in order to get a full vegetable share, apples, eggs and locavore goods. But for it being a once a month pickup AND sharing with Lynn and Diego, it was a smart plan, although we did get like, 2 BUCKETS of broccoli. Luckily that’s my favorite vegetable! Unfortunately not everything made it in to the picture, and i am sorry about that, but i DID get the chicken, the juice Diego bought, and the Bardwell Farms cow milk cheeses I picked up. : )

I was very happy to get so much Daikon, it adds the most wonderful crunch to just about everything, but I was really surprised and kind of annoyed that we didn’t get any potatoes. How bizarre. I gave the kale to Diego. I have now tried it every possible way, and I officially hate it. He got the fennel as well, and I am going to try and make myself eat the beets in some way, but they might end up being used to dye yarn or make paint. Such a beautiful color. Anyways, here is the list of our loot!


Broccoli, 2 lb ($5)
Kale, 1 Bunch ($3)
1 garlic ($2)
Collard greens ($3)
.5 lb mixed baby greens ($4.50)
1 bu carrots ($3.50)
1 butternut or other winter squash ($4)
1 small cabbage ($2)
Daikon radish ($2)
Bok choi – one head or one bunch ($3)
Fennel, baby – one bunch ($3)
Celery ($3)
1 bunch beets ($3)
Apples, 3 lbs ($7.50)



Broccoli, 2 lb ($5)
1 garlic ($2)
Kale, 1 Bunch ($3)
Beets, 1 bunch ($3)
1 bu carrots ($3.50)
Collards, 1 bu ($3)
.5 lb baby greens ($4.50)
1 lb Daikon radish ($1)
Eggs, 1 dozen ($5)

Garden of Eve grown pesto (CONTAINS NUTS) ($7)
2 oz organic sundried tomatoes ($2)
Apples, 3 lbs ($7.50)


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