Birthday Marshmallow Love!!!

Today I shall give back some of the love I received over the weekend for my birthday with you! I spent the weekend on a farm working on recipes and there is a lot of really special stuff coming up, but for now, I’d like to do a shout out post to my friend Emily who runs a marshmallow company called Sweet Tooth Labs. She knows I’m having a rough time lately (The Bee and I are breaking up and work SUCKS) and she also knows I don’t really like cake, so she made me a cake shaped Meyer lemon marshmallow! And instead of getting candles, I set that baby on fire!!!

Continue on for more pics and recipe…

Em brought this pretty baby to me at work where we ate away as is and it was sooo sticky sweet and happy yum. THEN I decided to take the rest of it with me to NC for the weekend where I was staying on a friend’s farm. So I could share, not just so I could see what the TSA had to say about it. Although they weren’t thrilled.

It’s so fluffy I could die!!!! I poked it about a billion times. So much fun!

You can find the awesome recipe here , and I do recommend making bite size ones as she usually does. They are designed that way for a reason, it was really hard to cut, haha.

But it was so melty and delicious and GOOD! Now I want more. I wish it wasn’t gone!

3 thoughts on “Birthday Marshmallow Love!!!

  1. Happy Birthday! What a beautiful marshmallow. It looks marvelously squishy, and I love that you toasted it for your birthday.

    Am sorry to hear the news about you and The Bee. To have work suck on top of that sounds just awful. Thankfully, it looks like you have some great friends who are there for you. It must have been good to get away for a little bit with a big squishy thing.

  2. Thank you, it was! i love getting away! haha. She just added hot toddy mallows to her collection I got to sample yesterday, they taste IDENTICAL to the cocktail,I am overjoyed.

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