healthy comfort food – tofu and vegetable wraps with salsa and avocado

So in the past week I have been trying to find some really good recipes to make while I am on the yeast and mold free diet, and I have come across….not many. I knew it would be best to cook for myself, and I knew with how busy I was with work I should just make something comforting that I know I love, and make enough for 5 meals so I would have one less thing to think about during the day. This recipe was my go-to “I am tired and hungry and need to feel good” meal all throughout college. I was a strict vegetarian then, and this was my version of “comfort food” that also gave you energy and made you feel good. I have made this regularly for about 12 years, and it never fails me, AND better yet, it satisfies tofu-haters! Although you could easily sub in chicken, if you’re in to birds. I’m not.

This is also a wonderful recipe to make a lot of because you can top it with different things each day to make it feel new, which is exactly what I needed.

It has been 6 days since I started this diet, and when my new allergist initially gave me the list of things I would need to avoid for a few weeks, (beer, wine, vinegar, pickled and smoked meats and fish, sausage, pastrami, corned beef,
mushrooms, all cheeses including sour cream, sour milk and buttermilk, soy sauce, cider, dried fruit, raisins, figs, canned tomatoes, melons, esp cantaloupe, fresh rolls, sour breads, coffee cakes, and other yeast) I thought it would be the cheese that broke my heart. By the end of the first day I knew that it was going to be missing the vinegar that would be the hardest. Its in everything! I could basically count out every sauce, dressing, and condiment on the planet! And no canned tomatoes? In WINTER? HOW would I survive?! And then the saddest news of all. I FELT BETTER. So here we go. I will just think of this as an interesting topic for blogging.

Makes – 6 wraps

Filling –
2 blocks of extra firm tofu
2 red peppers
2 green peppers
(Usually I like to do 1 of 4 different colors of peppers, but the produce market was sparse)
1 jalapeno
1 small onion
2 TB butter
1/4 cup fresh cilantro, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
3 TB Tapatio, or other vinegar free hot sauce
S & P to taste

Salsa –
4 roma tomatoes, diced (these were the best I could find, usually I used a can of diced in winter)
1 jalapeno
1 teensy red onion*, minced
1 clove garlic, minced
1/2 cup cilantro, chopped
juice of 1/2 lime
S & P to taste

Additional Ingredients –
other 1/2 of lime juice
fresh ground sea salt

The first thing you want to do is drain your tofu very well. Then press it in a tofu press, should you have space and money for extraneous kitchen tools, or in between paper towels like I do. ; ) Then you should be able to get a good dice on it.

Melt your butter in a large, wide pan and add the garlic, then tofu, keeping on low, and stirring regularly. When the tofu begins to brown, add your diced peppers and onions and keep stirring on low for about 30 minutes. While this is cooking, prepare your salsa in a bowl. Everyone should do this. After everything is chopped, ya throw it in a bowl and stir. TA DA. You made salsa. So easy. So good.

I also chose to chop my avocado in a separate bowl and squeeze half a lime over it and then ground fresh sea salt on top. I know I could have made guac, but I wanted to eat it all week, and i prefer to buy several avocados and then cut them fresh each day. Sometimes I just slice open an avocado and salt it and then eat it with a spoon. You cant go wrong with THAT as a side!

When your tofu mix is all cooked and slightly soft, add the hot sauce and you are ready to heat! Heat your tortillas and fill! I served mine with my favorite little red potatoes*, which i ALSO made a giant batch of since I got excited that I could eat them, and then I could make a breakfast scramble with them and some eggs, some salsa and avocado the next morning.

Consensus – I am not going to lie to you. All of these recipes are better with cheese. And I usually make a nice chipotle sour cream sauce for the wraps as well and top with lettuce. SO YUMMY, haha. This was incredibly satisfying and comforting regardless, and gave me the hope I needed to continue on this diet. 1 more week and then I can start reintroducing things one by one! Vinegar is going to be first!!!

*CSA Ingredients

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