Tortas de Aceite – a fine way to enjoy your CSA apple butter!

No recipe, sorry. Just wanted to show off my amazingly delicious CSA apple butter with some orange olive oil tortas that I am munching on this morning while I check emails… I get to start slowly reintroducing things this week and I started vinegar over the weekend, and then yeast today. Not that these tortas have much, but its in there!!!

And you can bask in the mess that is currently my desk.

All gone! NOM. Now time for meetings. BOO. haha

2 thoughts on “Tortas de Aceite – a fine way to enjoy your CSA apple butter!

  1. Ooooooh! Those tortas look soooo good! Where did you get them?

    And your CSA apple butter looks yummy. Mmmmmm mmmmmm! Apple butter!

    Glad to hear that vinegar and yeast are back on the menu! Have they narrowed it down to a group of foods? Or a family of foods?

  2. I bought them at the fancy deli by my house on Graham Ave! They were so orangey and delicious!! So far, vinegar and yeast are making me feel okay, tongue is a little fluffy today so I may have gone overboard on vinegar over the weekend, I just got so excited! Gonna cut it down and keep going like this until the weekend and see how I feel then. : )

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