Winter CSA Pickup #5 – April

So our April CSA day was moved to be the second Saturday this month, and we got a lot of greens, but no apples. : ( Glad about getting more turnips but wished we could have gotten the rutabaga as well. We did get lots of eggs and potatoes though, and the locavore items seem really great! We also got rainbow chard, which was not on the list, as well as what look like baby collards? Delicious either way. I will be spending a portion of this afternoon pickling the Daikon for sure, it is just too much every week. Lynn and Diego even gave me their portion to pickle! My roomie and I were too excited to wait to eat so she made us brunch, pictured after the breakdown.


½ lb bag pea shoots ($5)
5 lb Potatoes ($10)
1 lb turnips or rutabaga ($2)
1 lb Daikon Radish ($1)
1 lg bunch Collard greens ($4)
1 bag baby kale ($4)
2 lg Leeks ($3)
1 bu cilantro ($2)
1 bag mustard greens ($4)


Eggs, 3 dozen ($15)
3 lbs Potatoes ($6)
2 lg leeks ($3)
1 bag pea shoots ($4)
1 bu collard greens ($4)

1 pint NY State recently tapped maple syrup ($12)
1 bag NYS grown organic Farmer-Ground Flour grain ($4)
1 bag NYS grown Cayuga Organics dry beans ($4)

I love showering and getting out to find brunch was made for me!!! Roomie D sauteed mustard greens, leftover quinoa, chicken sausage, leeks and truffle salt, and topped with cotija cheese, fried eggs and chiffonade pea shoots! Work. It was so incredibly delicious, and put a nice healthy base in our tummies for running around town all day, including to the BUST Craftacular and food fair which was ridiculously disappointing. Not sure who dropped the ball on that one, but I hope they get a stern talking to. The “Food Fair” portion was a meatball stand, and like 6 lemonade and juice vendors. UM. HUH? The holiday fair has about 25 food vendors! So for everyone who was jealous of me going, DON’T BE. I wonder if its because Smorgasburg is back.

3 thoughts on “Winter CSA Pickup #5 – April

  1. What a haul!

    And I agree: Smorgasburg is sucking the oxygen out of every single food fair in the city. I say don’t stop spreading the love (and the food), people!

    And that looks like some amazing roommate-made brunch action! Um . . . does your roommate make Manhattan house-calls 😉

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