With Love, From Brooklyn has curated an edible set for the Homestead at Seven Arrows

The incredible With Love, From Brooklyn has donated a gorgeous, deliciously curated set to the Homestead at Seven Arrows campaign that I have been helping with for Brooklyn Homesteader this summer.

Locally Grown Gift Set

A group of scrappy farmers, urban beekeepers, and inventive chefs are revolutionizing the Brooklyn food system. From rooftop produce to honey from city bees, these ultra-local treats are the perfect gift.

Our curator has assembled a selection of items featuring locally-grown, organic produce including: Saucy by Nature Pumpkin-Ginger sauce, Brooklyn Grange homegrown honey and hot sauce, Anarchy in a Jar Hot Fireman’s Pear jam, and a verdant Claudia Pearson tea towel.

This looks so amazing! This is the beef jerky that got me in to making beef jerky, (and in to buying them out at Smorgasburg every Saturday.) To grab this set before I do, please visit the Kickstarter page for the Homestead at Seven Arrows where you can find it as a $100 donation, or choose from any of the other mouthwatering perks such as a care package of veggies, eggs and goat milk, a basket of assorted value added goods made from farm produce (hot sauce, jam, dried mushrooms, teas, etc) or a giant jug of honey!

Eat Well and Do Good! And please share. : )

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