CSA Spring Pickup #3 – Greek chicken salad and Korean spiced bok choy

Apologies for the late posting, Computer problems, too many BBQs and then finally illness prevented me from posting in a timely fashion, BUT, here we are, with an awesome CSA takeaway. I was afraid walking to pickup of what we would get, as we had gotten a warning email that the insane and sudden heat had caused some problems, but I think we still did well.

1 pint snap peas
1 gorgeous bunch of bok choy
1 gorgeous head of lettuce
1 bunch escarole
1 bunch rainbow chard
a mixed bunch of dill and cilantro
1 massive cucumber
1 yellow squash
an insane amount of blueberries (I believe this was about the time last year that I made blueberry sorbet)

There is so much that I want to do! Escarole and white bean salad with pancetta, stir fry, pickles, I am getting so amped up! The first thing that ended up happening though was a walk around the Greenmarket. Its full on nice outside and everyone is out with their tables of goodness. Danielle even found some cute earrings.

We bought Red Jacket Lemon Apple juice as well as a black currant one that we shared on the way home, a massive maitake mushroom, 2 painting worthy heirloom tomatoes, horseradish cheese, Turkey zucchini sausage, and 2 of the best little cakes I have ever had, and am now mad at Danielle for introducing me to. She grew up with a family that had a tradition of sharing coffee cake and fighting over the crumb topping. Baker’s Bounty has solved that issue by selling a crumb cake that boasts that it is 90% Crumb. They are not kidding. The thing is a massive, heavy block. It is only $2. It is everything I was promised. We bought a little apple cake too, and split it with a sliver each of the crumb cake, Which has lasted us 4 days, cause that’s how little of it you need.

How sick is that!? God I hate her for putting that in to my orbit. So we had that for beast along with a health smoothie for good measure, haha. She makes up for putting delicious crumbs in front of me by hiding kale and all kinds of stuff in juices and smoothies, and I love her for that, because I would never do it myself. We then headed to the Bronx for a friend’s BBQ, where I was THIS happy…

because not only was this stellar and delicious, I learned that i LOVE rice salad, and that it is superior to pasta salad, as it doesn’t get all weird in the sun and make you afraid to eat it. I am already harassing for the recipe.

Later in the week I made Greek inspired chicken salad, super quick and easy for when I wasn’t feeling great. 1 cup greek yogurt, diced CSA cucumber, celery, garlic, CSA dill, lemon juice, coriander salt and fresh pepper, and a chopped chicken breast I cooked in a little spicy pepper oil piled on top of a little handful of brown rice = happier body, happier mind.

And then today came the bok choy, cooked down in Korean red pepper paste (Gochujang) soy sauce, sesame oil and seeds, and garlic that I topped off with mini burgers. This meal is a perfect example of not feeling well + laziness, as the elevator in my building is broken down, and I had no desire to go down 9 flights and carry bags back up, So I figured I would just work with what I had when it came time to make dinner.

All in all, it has been a great week so far food wise at least! What have YOU been eating?

5 thoughts on “CSA Spring Pickup #3 – Greek chicken salad and Korean spiced bok choy

  1. good lord dude! look at your stash! πŸ™‚ love it!…also, kind of want those earings. give them to me. give em!

    Sam @ Cooking My Way Through My CSA and I are starting a new fresh foods blog hop/linky party next Wednesday where you can feature your CSA collections, farmer’s market treasures, home grown/raised hauls, and/or any seasonal recipes or DIY projects or tutorials related to the above. Ultimately, we want to create a space and a resource for seasonal, organic, pastured, small scale happy food and the people that love it. Fun, right?? I’d love it if you could make your way over next Wednesday for the par-tay!

  2. all you need is mini farmer’s market eggplants and you can have some! Be sure to let me know when the link party starts, I have been adding mine to What’s in the Box? on In Her Chucks currently, its a wonderful idea, and I would love to do another one!

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