Cook Out NYC!

I recently attended the press preview party for an event I am really excited about, Cook Out NYC. At said fabulous event, I got to eat some great food at the awesome Jimmy’s No.43 and then we got a kimchee demonstration by Kheedim Oh of Mama O’s Kimchee that was so cool, plus we all got to take some home! I also snagged a jar of the super spicy kimchee paste that is made with ghost peppers (not on the market for another week!) that you will get to see in another post when I decide exactly how I want to use it. You can try it for yourself by entering the kimchee eating competition Kheedim will be having at Cook Out NYC on the 7th, which I am debating, or by just coming. : )

For an in depth write up of this glorious process and wonderful man, please visit my wonderful friend’s site The Experimental Gourmand.

But back to Cook Out NYC! I am GIVING AWAY VIP PASSES to this event to the person who tweets what I deem the most creative tweet about this event! MUA HA HA You are at my mercy!!! Just make sure you include @CookOutNYC and me, @SwtrMeat. I will be choosing a winner on Thursday, July 5th at Noon.

Do you need a reason to want to attend? How about this….

· Fossil Farms burger cook-off with sustainable meat—beef, ostrich, lamb,
chicken and goat—sourced from family farms; participating will be Chef Ian
Kapitan of Alobar, Chef Adriano Ricco’s team from STK OUT, Mesa Coyacan,
and Chef Jeremy Bearman’s staff from Rouge Tomate;
· More than 20 BBQ and grilling stations (samples guaranteed until 2 p.m.) with
offerings from John Brown’s Smokehouse, Blind Tiger, Jimmy’s No. 43, East
Village Meat Market, Lucky 777 Chili, King Phojanakong of Kuma Inn and
Umi Nom, a Hot Sauce & Wings cooking station, rooftop garden salads by
Brooklyn Grange and Growing Chefs, others;
· A hot dog competition (decided by popular vote) with six stations featuring
Sabrett’s Hot & Spicy Hot Dogs with toppings from Sir Kensington Ketchup, My
Friend’s Mustard, Sabrett’s Classic Onion Sauce, Chili from Lucky 777 Chili,
a kimchi dog, and a special entry by Chef Josetth Gordon.

The featured event of July Good Beer Month. Cook Out NYC™ also offers custom
beers by exclusive beer sponsor Sixpoint, which will be bringing back July Good Beer Month’s
special “Signal” Smoked Pale Ale, along with Sehr Crisp Pils and five other brews. A stage with
live music will feature local blues/bluegrass/Americana bands.
The event’s community and charitable partners include Just Food’s Farm School,
Family Cook Production’s Teen Battle Chef, and Kingsborough Community College.

If you do not win, but would like tickets, or need any additional tickets, do not panic! I have a special offer for you, dear reader. Enter BlogOutNYC at checkout here and you will get $5 off. YAY!

Hope to see you there!!! (on the 7th, not the 8th! On the 8th, clearly you will supporting me at Ice Cream Takedown haha. )

July 5th Update! CONGRATULATIONS Ryan McWilliams! You have won a VIP Pass to Cook Out NYC! YAY!!!!

July 9th Update! Event was delicious! There was a shocking lack of non alcoholic beverages, which is never fun in July, as I killed my bottle of water on the ferry ride there, but the copious amounts of grilled foods made up for it for sure!

There was a seemingly endless string of booths featuring grilled meats and even some grilled cheese! YUM! Paired with a crap ton of sangria,some Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, and a blanket with my buddies, it was a spectacular lunch and the weather was great under the trees!

And then we headed to the stage to watch the Mama O’s Kimchee eating competition! The winner ate over two jars of the ghost pepper kimchee! His face looked like it hurt pretty badly. haha.

Hope to see everyone again next year!

2 thoughts on “Cook Out NYC!

  1. That is so exciting! We actually run our CSA out of Jimmy’s so the restaurant will be competing at the Cook Out with our meat!!!!! Are you excited? I am. My farmer’s cows are yummy!

  2. That is too funny! My roomie works there, and i do event planning for him, that is awesome. SO does this mean you will be attending and we can finally talk in person?!

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