Elixirs and Eats – from bacon & burlesque to BBQ & tattoos!

I recently attended Elixirs and Eats premiere event, Bacon, Booze and Burlesque! 12 spirits were showcased, and unlimited tastings meant I could handle just a sip of each one, but I did it! Haha.

There were also 7 bacon-centric dishes presented, Slab bacon w/bacon vinaigrette
BLT toasts, Baked rib bacon slices, Bacon wrapped dates, Bacon grits on a chinese spoon, Bacon chocolate tastes, and Lucky 777′s Turkey Chili with Canadian Turkey Bacon. I even got a cute little foodie “dance card”

Check the scorpion in the Mezcal and the bacon grits! And how gorgeous is Hudson Terrace? Of course I couldn’t resist a shot of one of the ever creepy and hard to figure out animal doors in the unisex bathroom, and a lovely picture of my beaded chest to go with the burlesque theme, haha.

Let these photos inspire you to ready yourself to get tickets to the next event on July 31st, where I will be judging a contest of tattoos of FOOD! It will be called Inks, Drinks, and High Jinks, and will feature BBQ and hot sauce instead of bacon. If you would like to submit a tattoo of food, please email it to Kitchen@uglyfoodtastesbetter.com …Clearly you will need to be able to attend the July 31st event in person to compete, but we would love to feature tattoos of food from all over the place on our site Elxirs and Eats – Food Tattoos There are going to be prizes from Jarlsberg, Father Panik, and Sailor Jerry, and of course you will get admission to the event, and that in itself is quite a prize! Spread the word!!!

Judges –
Myself – Tattooed foodie and chef
Aja Campbell of Burrell Group Food and Drink PR
Dave Ciancio of Burger Conquest
Marisa Kakoulas of Needles and Sins which is by far my favorite tattoo site.

Sprits and Food Line-Up so far!

Bardstown Barrel Selections
Breckenridge Distillery
Koval Distillery
Philadelphia Distilling
Scorpion Mezcal
The Noble Experiment
Tequila Semental
Tito’s Vodka
Warwick Valley Distillery

Jimmys no 43
High river sauces

For full info go to Yelp.
And tickets are on sale now! Please go to Brown Paper Tickets and get yours!

And I will leave you with a picture of MY food tattoo, can you guess where it is from!?!

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