CSA Spring Pickup #5 garlic veggies with crab cake mac and blueberry crumble


TEN CUCUMBERS!!?!?!! We are gonna make KIMCHEEE with them!
1 bunch beets
1 kohlrabi! cabbage apple!
1 onion
2 heads broccoli
2 squash, one yellow one green
1 bag mixed green lettuce
1 head red romaine
10 fava beans! Our first ever from the farm!

1/2 dozen eggs

3 pints blueberries


So I haven’t made anything with this stuff yet because I had an insane weekend and barely had any time to even breathe, BUT I can show you a little bit of what I did last week.

I did make a great dinner for a friend who brought beautiful steaks over to grill. I had some leftover crab cake mac and cheese that I had made for a potential client, which is basically my Mac and Cheese recipe with 2 cups less cheese and the filling changed to be Crab dip made with mayo and cream cheese, baked with Old Bay seasoned breadcrumbs on top. YUM. I kind of feel like I am the evil version of Paula Deen sometimes.

I stir fried all the purple string beans and a little squash that was on its way out with some garlic and a spoonful of pancetta and a chimichurri sauce I made from the CSA parsley to go with this decadent meal as well. The purple string beans really do turn green as they cook! I have to admit something weird here though. I actually enjoyed them better raw.

What a meal!

And I am still not done! For dessert, clearly all those blueberries needed to be put in another crisp, as I cannot stop wanting buttery oat-y goodness. See my post for Rhubarb Crisp for the recipe, and see here to salivate….Great served hot with nilla ice cream on top!

And now it is time for salads for a few days with all these great greens to make up for that meal!

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