CSA #22 – Sandy

So after a 2 hour bus to Narita airport, a cancelled flight to NYC, a 12 hour wait to board a plane to Chicago, a 12 hour plane ride. (In a middle seat with no TVs next to a screaming baby just to make it official) an 8 hour wait to get on a flight to Boston, a 3 hour flight and then finally a 5 hour car ride to Brooklyn…I’M HOME!!!! I was VERY lucky to have not lost power, or any windows somehow, and I was very lucky to get to pick up my CSA today, and have food when so many do not. I was very worried that the farm might have lost a lot, as they are right by the water in Riverhead, but they sent us an update that I have included in the post.

But first, I want to share something super cool. I saw a seed like a dandelion floating through my house. Then another one stuck to my hand. I had slept 7 hours in 4 straight days. I thought, oh great, the hallucinations are getting bad! But then I figured it out! The green lantern flowers I got three weeks ago have stayed alive and beautiful, and are trying to procreate!

How crazy is this freaking flower? I have never seen cut flowers last this long, or try and spread their seeds.

I potted them as an experiment even though it is freezing, and i am going to let the rest of them “go” in the park by my house. Flowerbombs!!!!!!

I’ll keep you updated.

Now for the serious stuff….

Farm News: Well, you know what the news is! We do very much appreciate the messages we have received from those of you who worried about the farm, and appreciation that we’ve been able to deliver to most of our sites on schedule. We hope you have propane or gas and can cook! (time for the raw-foodists out there to feel self-satisfied!). One of the biggest factors that allowed us to do this was Chris’s forsight a week ago as the hurricane reports loomed, he decided to harvest as much as we could on Saturday so that this week’s share would be indoors and not get damaged! Needless to say, there was no harvesting going on, on Mon or Tues! We are proud to be bringing fresh food into the city this week and hope you are in a position that you can make use of it.

All of our fields have a lot of salt-burn and windburn damage, since we are so near to the LI sound, on Monday afternoon the plastic on two of our greenhouses ripped free and as Chris and Ernesto worked to secure additional structures and minimize the damage, there was so much sand and dirt flying through the air, he had to wear goggles! We could barely see through the windows of our house the next day because everything is covered in salt and grime. This will definitely affect the quantity and quality of greens we’re able to give over the next few weeks, but fortunately we have a lot of other items stored, and with crops such as radishes you’re not eating the leaves so you’ll just have to pardon us if you get tops that are ripped or burned from the storm.

On the farm, we’re in the business of making do with less-than-ideal situations, so for the most part we’re taking it all in stride. Our main “processing barn” where our produce coolers are located, fortunately did not lose electricity, although all our other buildings did. So we just played some Rubix Cube and moved things around from building to building to avoid losses… We were out of power for 4 days until this morning (Friday AM) we are back on the grid and back in communication. With the help of our hard-working and supportive crew we will re-cover the greenhouses.

We feel fortunate that this storm came at the end of the season, rather than August like last year, which is a far worse time for us to lose crops. Out here most of our pleasures and transportation are non-electric (fishing, horseback riding, cooking) so actually we were more worried about all our CSA members and friends in the city! We hope you are all doing OK and that damage can be repaired soon.

We did have to cancel Roslyn and Mt Sinai on Long Island on Wed, not because of us but because the pick-up buildings were closed down! We will make up these shares the last week of the season with a double share. Our Saturday market at McCarren Park will be open on Sat as usual. Again, thank you for supporting our farm this week and every week it really makes the difference, and makes farming in these difficult conditions worth it.
-Eve, Garden of Eve

So that IS very fortunate! Here is my official haul…

Vegetable share:
1 bu Radishes
1 bu Arugula
1 bu Kale
1 lb potatoes
1 lb peppers
5 assorted hot peppers
1 bunch carrots
1 garlic
5 lb bok choi
1 bulb kohlrabi

Fruit share: IdaRed and Golden Delicious apples (5 lbs total).

Egg share: 1/2 dozen pastured eggs

I am so glad to have all of this stuff. I donated a bunch of canned food yesterday and today I am going through my clothes and making a pile of cozy and warm things to donate. (Being a sweater designer is very helpful here, I have tons of samples that I regularly donate anyways, I’m glad to know where they will go and that they are especially needed this round) I am working on helping out with cooking for some benefits as well, and I am sending money to people in need where I can, starting with the apiaries by the waterfront that lost a ton of bees and whose hives were destroyed. This is hardly enough, but it is a start. And there are a billion ways you can help, but here are a few links should you feel the urge. We have to take care of each other now more than ever. And If you or a loved one are hungry and without power and for some reason checking my food blog while charging your device at a grocery store, please come over and let me make you dinner! : )

Brooklyn Grange Bees



NYC Service

Time Out NY

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