Dinner with Chef Nick Grosz

So, you already know that if you want ugly comfort food or a quirky theme party catered, you can hire me to do it for you. But if you want an out of this world, 5 star meal in the comfort of your own home, I recommend giving Nick Grosz a whirl. While I have had my own wonderful experiences with KitchenSurfing cooking for other people…Tumblr’s Thanksgiving was AWESOME, I have never gotten to be on the receiving end of any of this meals. I bid on a meal from Chef Nick at a fundraiser with a couple friends, and he came over to my friend Cynthia’s house and somehow managed to whip out an incredible meal from her stove top without breaking a sweat. It was really special to have this meal in such an intimate environment, talk to the chef, watch him cook, catch up with friends, without the clatter of strangers or asking where the bathroom is. We felt SO fancy! I will definitely be doing things like this more, and I highly recommend that you try it.

What is all this greatness, you ask!?

Well, I clearly can’t give away his secrets, but I can give you an idea…just enough to make your mouth water.

First course –

Artic Char (mmmmm WAY better choice than tuna, for both flavor and environmental concerns)
Pine Nuts
Micro greens
Homemade lentil crackers

Second Course –

Parsnip Sunchoke Soup that I wanted to bathe in. I still dream of it. It was like eating velvet.

Third Course –

Melt in your mouth Oxtail
Macadamia nuts? I forget. By this point in the meal I was food drunk. This was mesmerizing!!!

Fourth Course –

Duck Breast.
Holy shit.
Brussel sprout salad
Cranberry duck heart sauce
Duck cracklins.
Holy Shit.

This was just ridiculous. It was so beautiful, so perfectly cooked. Every texture and flavor was dead on. I heart heart, so I was really excited for that little surprise, and was even happier when I couldn’t finish even half of it, and Nick handed me a tupperware he brought for us to bring leftovers home. So thoughtful!

Fifth and final course –

apple crumble
vanilla whipped cream
salted caramel gelato

Is there anything better than a salty, sweet, warm, cold dessert that melts in your mouth?

I am fairly certain that I have died and gone to heaven. Now I want all of these things all over again! So yeah, it is really awesome that we are living in time where cool sites like KitchenSurfing exist, and I highly recommend that for your next party, date, family dinner, birthday, whatever excuse you can find, that you try hiring someone from your hood to come make you dinner. Or breakfast. Or whatever your heart desires. We are in the future and you can have it all!

3 thoughts on “Dinner with Chef Nick Grosz

  1. I know this man must be amazing but I can’t get over his attitude. Lol Sorry I can’t. He seems talented beyond

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