CSA 18 + roasted fennel and cauliflower

I was in NC for this pickup so my roommate took the picture and you can’t tell exactly how much there was, but trust me it was a lot!

So what happened here? Steamed the string beans, beets, apples and kale went in to juice with parsley, cucumber and lemon, plums went in to an Asian plum sauce I planned on posting but did not come out perfect so I am not. The tomatoes went in to a chunky, spicy marinara with the peppers, eggplant and were served over squash “noodles”, The lettuce is always for salads, and I’m trying to find a way to can these damn grapes without using sugar! They are the best grapes I have ever tasted! In my life! We got some cute flowers too that I am drying.

And I have a nice ugly dinner for ya this haul!

I had to make up for the amount of biscuits and fried things I ate on vaca so its back to healthy eating. I made simple, rosemary baked chicken tenders with lemon juice, lemon basil from my garden, and rosemary from my mom’s garden. Then I roasted cauliflower and fennel (from next week’s CSA) with a little olive oil, lemon, fresh ground salt and pepper and more of her amazing rosemary. Forever I thought I hated rosemary, but turns out I only like FRESH rosemary. The dried stuff is disgusting. This was quite lovely, and I was very excited for the chill in the air that allowed me to have the oven on and my comfy PJ pants.

Now someone help me figure out this grape jam situation!



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