CSA Overload! 19, 20, 21, 22, and 23.

Lets face it. I am as much a failure as that Edible Arrangements delivery I passed on my way to pick up the last CSA. This post is for my personal reference, and the three of you that actually want to see all the CSA hauls and flowers I didn’t show you while I was swamped with work. Now that it is a holiday, I have some free time whilst digesting awesomely unhealthy things, and I shall overload you with images of fresh produce to counteract your overloaded plates. You can daydream about all the healthy things you will make…for next week.

CSA 19 – Made for the final batch of salsa and lots of simple soups. I also got a water buffalo milk cheese that was decent but nothing incredibly magical. The highlight of this pickup was the dried flowers. How gorgeous, and the first little peek of Fall.

CSA 20 – Now we have reached the part of the season where all my greens are slow cooked and everything else gets roasted with herbs! NOM. Also, since I didn’t get a good bunch of celosia from the CSA this year, I treated myself to some.

Also, since these potatoes were on their way out, I went ahead and made a massive batch of
little red potatoes to eat with some of the salsa I made and eggs with veggies. Side note: I want to learn to make my own version of this spice blend, all suggestions welcome.

CSA 21 – Honestly, at this point all I care about is the cheese. Consider Bardwell Farms is probably my favorite cheese ever. Mmmmmmm. But I also made skin on mashed taters, baked chicken with hot sauce and onions, and roasted broccoli, which I may or may not have eaten the entire head of even though I was supposed to leave half for my roommate. Broccoli is my favorite vegetable.

CSA 22 – I can’t keep up with all this fruit! My friend Eliz made us a giant toaster strudel with hers, and so that’s what I made tonight for Thanksgiving. The recipe is from Smitten Kitchen and it is the perfect solution for someone like me that hates apple pie, as this is mostly crust. And I made mine with half pears, half apples.

CSA 23 – Obviously I made potato leek soup. And I fancied it up and used homemade adobo chili powder, the rutabaga, and carrots. And I shit you not, I had cream all ready to go in to this, and after I blended it, it tasted so creamy I didn’t even need it. Maybe I’ll share that baby later. I truly have so much awesome stuff to share, including my winning green chile coup recipe and my non winning but still AWESOME Mexican potato chili recipe…and I am SO looking forward to doing so, and catching up on all of my favorite food blogs and finding new ones. And then in 2 weeks, winter CSA begins!! YAY!

What have YOU done while I have been away!?

2 thoughts on “CSA Overload! 19, 20, 21, 22, and 23.

  1. For some reason my computer is having a really bad time with your photos but read around them anyway. Love that you get dried flowers and all of the soups that you make. Also, did you really get water buffalo cheese? That seems so odd.

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