Easter egg pinatas.

white bunny

The past few years I have made (and sometimes killed and made) braised bunny for Zombie Jesus Day. This year I am attending a celebration with children and am in charge of getting them supercharged on sugar. Easter egg pinatas it is! You’ll have to wait for pics of them being enjoyed, but in case you need a quick last minute thing to make, I’m here for you.

I haven’t made rice krispie treats in forever, maybe since I was a kid. Its super easy, albeit sticky. When I was making my morning juice, I juiced a small beet first and reserved the juice to dye these pink and give the kids approximately 1% health in their dessert. I tried to find puffed quinoa, but I was short on time and that didn’t happen. Finding a large plastic easter egg didnt happen either, but I figured I could make it work with some condiment cups I may or may not have stolen from a Red Lobster over a decade ago. Who could say? Regardless, it totally worked fine.

You’ll need wax paper and cups, a tiny spoon, saran wrap, colorful string, or in my case, yarn, and these

Ingredients –
3 TB butter (real butter, people.)
6 cups mini marshmallows
6 cups rice krispie cereal (I used Trader Joe’s brand)
Coconut Oil Spray (to lubricate the cups)
2 TB beet juice for color
Assorted candies – (all from Trader Joe’s) I bought mini PB cups, because, eatlets! Chocolate covered power berries, all natural jelly beans in bunny food flavors, like carrot and radish (I swear they’re delicious.) and gummy penguins with fruit juice centers, because why the hell not.

egg making

Melt butter on low heat and then add marshmallows and beet juice, stir until completely melted, then take off the heat and mix in cereal.

marshmallows melting

Now. The stupid commercial for these of course makes them look all easy, which of course they are not. What I found worked was to let the mix cool slightly, then spraying my cups AND a tiny spoon with coconut oil spray and use the spoon to push the mix in to the cups and make the candy reservoir. Then let them sit in the cups for a minute or two to harden a bit, then transfer to wax paper to cool another minute or so, THEN add candy and close while still sticky enough, molding in to egg shapes in your hands. Let cool completely now. They should look like this. Ignore the terrible lighting.

naked egg

Then you can wrap them in saran wrap and tie them off. Adorable.

bunny groupie 2

More pictures to come of sticky children (and adults) but until then, have a fun holiday! And someone eat some bunny for me.



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