CSA Chopped Episode #7

So last week I went on vaca to South Carolina, and Lynn And Diego took my half of our share, so there is no CSA Ep #6, and there will be more about my Southern escape later. For now, here are this week’s goodies!

The 5 stalks of basil immediately got chopped and made into basil ice cubes, after my stalk from 2 weeks ago went bad pretty much on the walk home from picking it up in the park.

I had a shaved fennel and artichoke salad at a bistro in France once, might recreate that baby with some salmon…i seem to always want to pair my dill with salmon. I think i am going to pickle some of the cucumbers with it as well this time around. The peaches (which i ate all weekend in SC as well) will be making me an amazing peaches ‘n cream dish of sorts, and everything else is still swimming around in my head….The yellow canary melon I am unfamiliar with, suggestions are welcome!

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