CSA 7 and awesome beet juice!

So I feel like my CSA is getting smaller and smaller. I am assuming its because the weather is garbage and the world is coming to an end.

(I bought the carrots)

If you look at CSA 7 2012, it too is slightly low on veggies but big on fruit, albeit different. Then CSA 7 2011 was really big and happy. Regardless, I made a kick ass juice. Recipe in post.

Beets, 1 bu
Cucumbers, white and/or green, 1 lb
Scallions, 1 bu
Lettuce, 1 head
Beets, 1 bu
Green or gold string beans, .5 lb
Parsley, 5 sprigs
Basil, 3 sprigs

2 Pints Organic Blueberries
1 lb Cherries

½ Dozen Pastured Eggs


Goodale Farm, Aquebogue NY (around the corner from Garden of Eve), home made mozzarella, AND greek yogurt, AND chevre (fresh goat cheese)

MMMM I smell another grilled pizza in my future!

Now for the juice,

So, the beets are getting out of hand and I am still not great at stomaching them, so I bought the purple carrots and some apples to make a juice. I figured the purple in the carrots would make the best color, and I was totally right.

2 green apples
6 beets
1 bunch purple carrots
1 cucumber
5 sprigs parsley
2 lemons
1 lime

Isn’t that gorgeous? And I have to say, this is a WINNER. Best juice I have made with beets to date. Every morning I have a little glass with a tablespoon of bee pollen for my allergies. And I know beets, apples and carrots are sugary, but they ain’t a cupcake so get off me.



5 thoughts on “CSA 7 and awesome beet juice!

  1. Dude, you get cheese in your CSA? That’s amazing.

    Ours isn’t getting smaller, but we have an imbalance in terms of vegies and fruit. I’d love a 50/50 but it’s more like 25% vege and 75% fruit. I don’t think it’s the world ending, but if there’s heaps of fruit in the zombie apocalypse, maybe it wouldn’t be all doom and gloom.

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