Grilled Pizza!!

This is that time of year when I want to grill everything in the world. After eating steaks and kebabs for a couple weeks, I got the urge as I left the gym today to grill a pizza.

A delicious, everything flame kissed, healthy pizza.

I used a cheater premade Fresh Direct whole wheat pizza dough. Those babies are perfect to keep in the freezer for days like this when you have a bunch of leftover produce but no time to make a dough of your own. This is so easy. I already had pesto, so I cut up some tomatoes, zucchini and squash, grabbed a handful of the onions I had cut for kebabs..I even grabbed some garlic cloves. I rubbed everything in a light coat of pesto and ground some salt and pepper on top. Now, I have a shitty, very small grill, so I had to do this in stages. First stage – grill the goodies. 2-3 minutes on each side if you like your veggies firm like me.

Pull them off and then put your stretched, oiled pizza crust right on the grill, and cook for 5 minutes on each side.

Ugly food, staying true to form.

Now, you can add some sauce, cheese, and toppings as the second side of your pizza cooks. But its hot as hell and I am going for a cooler approach. I had some chilled artichokes with roasted red peppers and those adorable little mozzerella balls, so I let my finished crust cool, spread some pesto on, and chopped those babies up and sprinkled them over the top.

Then I layered on the grilled veggies (and fruit! love me some grilled tomatoes) and sliced up my delicious grilled garlic. I even toasted pine nuts on the grill for the occasion.

Now, this is gorgeous. You can go ahead and be done right here.

Or you can grate fresh parm on top, which, in my opinion, makes everything perfect. And oh yeah, my basil is ready to eat finally…..yum.

So. Not really a recipe. Just an idea to put in your head and get you thinking about grilling things you might not have thought about before.



7 thoughts on “Grilled Pizza!!

  1. Fantastic. There is a place in Providence that claims to have invented grilled pizza (can you honestly invent that?), but I have to say that yours looks more awesome. Brava!

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