Bake Sale, Cookbooks and Moonpie Cake!

I have been doing a ton of baking lately, partially due to scone making (Thyme and Honey / Pumpkin and Marshmallow) for the No Kid Hungry fundraiser Bake Sale I did, and partially due to so many birthdays. I highly recommend getting involved in some way with No Kid Hungry. They are on a mission to make sure the children of America have three square meals a day, something most of us take for granted. Having a bake sale was a fun way for us to raise a lot of money for a good cause, and hang out on a beautiful day. You can easily do the same in your own community, and if not, just spread the word.

AND, As a person who ordinarily has bad luck, I think that doing a lot of good brought me some good luck, as I won the raffle I donated to win! 10 cookbooks from Quirk! I am beside myself excited to start using them, and not for nothing, they are SO pretty and colorful on their own they are already brightening my house. They have fun layouts, and the marshmallow book cover is fluffy and squishy like a marshmallow! YAY. Let’s be honest though, while sugar is nice, I am the most excited about Tiny Food Party (Since I dream of one day opening a little restaurant named Eatlet) and Breakfast for Dinner!! With CSA coming up I am interested to try some of the dishes in Cooking with Flowers as well. You should totally grab some of these beauties!

And now for some Moonpie Cake!

For Jared’s Happy Birthday, he requested “yellow cake and chocolate frosting”. Now, I am still unsure of what yellow cake is supposed to be, but i DO know that my Tres Harinas Cake is the best “yellow” cake I know how to make. I added some chocolate chips…and then I had leftover marshmallow fluff from making scones and decided to use it as the middle layer instead of frosting, and then I made my simple, quick dry frosting to coat the outside…

3 cups powdered sugar
1/2 cup cream
2 tsp madagascar bourbon vanilla extract
4 TB cocoa powder

Make sure to take a break to make your own Wooly Willy with the leftover frosting.

I topped it with more baby choc chips and then realized what I had done. I had made a giant Moonpie!!! On accident! Love when that happens.

Being that it was almost Cinco de Mayo, and Jared also requested “Chicken Titty Tacos”, I made a taco bar with chili powder and cotija slaw, guac and the other usual suspects, and delicious shredded chicken. (Which cant be easier…Throw 4 chicken breasts, a bottle of your favorite hot sauce and 3 cups of your favorite salsa in and cook on Medium for 4 hours)

Because Jared names all my dishes, and we already had “titty tacos”, He tasted the cake and then dubbed it “Milky Mammary Moonpie Cake”

And there you are. Friggin delish.

Today’s Lessons –

– Do good. for yourself and others.
– Play with your food.
– Have fun with your life and remember that its important not to count EVERY calorie. If they come with as many laughs as this night did, you will burn them all before the night is over.



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