Ombre Chocolate Cake – goDie by Chocolate!

So. My dear friend Diego had a birthday recently, and he is a chocoholic with a major sweet tooth, neither of which I am. But i wanted to take the challenge and make him a cake that grows exponentially in its chocolatey-ness and sugar level. An ombre cake it is! Now, I am no pastry chef. I hate the precise and all of my creations that involve frosting come out looking like Pollock paintings or Seuss gone wild. So dont judge me. However, in my research I found that there is not an easy to find resource for the math involved in making the color right for each layer, and I don’t want anyone else to have to go on a crazy search like I did. The search ends here.

Our friend Jared had the idea to call it goDie (DieGo) by Chocolate. He also was the culprit behind the Margarita Mouthfuckers title of my Cookie Takedown cookies (Have yet to blog these) Now, you might notice the very bottom layer of the cake is a brownie, and that there are a lot of other sugary things happening. I will tell you everything that I did, and you decide how you want to build a chocolate monster of your own.

Below i made ya a nice little printable info-graphic as to how to assemble your 4 cake layers. You can do this, add some frosting and call it a beautiful, chocolate covered day. Or you can follow me down bad decision lane….

Now, like I said, on top of the four cakes I made, I also made a 9″ cake pan brownie that had chocolate chunks and a river of fudge inside.

Then I made a vat of simple chocolate frosting.

6 cups powdered sugar
1 cup cream
4 tsp madagascar bourbon vanilla extract
6-8 TB cocoa powder (to taste, I used 8 for extra chocolate power)

Use a mixer in a bowl and voila. Couldn’t be easier. Then this happened….

Brownie Layer

+ Frosting

+ Chocolate “Ants”

+ Dark Chocolate layer + Frosting + more ants

+ Medium Chocolate layer + Frosting + Cocoa Pebbles (obviously) + Light Cocoa Layer + lightened up frosting layer (I used the same formula above only with one cup sugar, 2 TB cream, 1 tsp vanilla 2 TB cocoa) + Crushed up Crunch Crisp Bars. Things got out of hand here and I didn’t take enough photos.

+Vanilla Cake Layer + More frosting + more ants.

Then I covered the sides in the remainder of the frosting and ants. At this point I realized I had gotten out of hand and decided to use the Kit Kats I bought for the top as support beams for the sides. I also decided that there should be more frosting and made a quick and sweet chocolate buttercream by melting a hershey bar (sans the E I cut out for the top) and a handful of chocolate chips with a heavy splash of cream, and mixing it with a half a stick of softened butter, a tsp of sea salt, and roughly 2 cups powdered sugar. Then I spread it thickly across the top of the cake and pushed it around so it would drip down all sexy-like.

Am I done yet?! NO. Have I had to phone a friend (Jared) at this point and tell him I have gotten out of hand as usual and need help carrying the cake to its destination? YES.

Now for the top. Originally I wanted to make stripes in different chocolate candies. But Jared made me want to put goDie on the top, so thats what I did.


May all your chocolate covered wishes come true…

Someone please submit this thing on cake wrecks. I deserve jail time. haha.



7 thoughts on “Ombre Chocolate Cake – goDie by Chocolate!

  1. Jared said it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I wanted to ask you for the recipe, so I am very happy you posted it!!!

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