NYC Hot Sauce Expo!!!!

Now, you all know of my personal love for hot sauce, and due to last year’s win at Googa Mooga with my Cockonut Sauce, (and all-around awesomeness, I’m sure) I was asked to be on the Judge’s Panel for the first annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo April 20th and 21st. I had a blast on judging day…the Awards ceremony will be at the actual event, see the Official Site which has a great video of us judges testing everything out. And this poster is fucking great.

However, I do NOT recommend having 75 teaspoons of hot sauce layered with milk for one’s dinner. BUT if you wanna get drunk on spicy Bloody Mary’s and Micheladas with me and layer said delicious sauces with some incredible food, you should get tickets now. They start at $10, people! And its being held right next to Smorgasburg. NOM NOM.

This event is being run by the awesome Steve Seabury from High River Sauces and Food Karma Projects, whom I work with a lot. High River is one of my all time favorite hot sauce companies, I get very anxious when my Hellacious, Tears of the Sun or Grapes of Wrath starts to get low in the fridge. However, Steve had covered all the bottle labels, so we couldn’t cheat past recognizing bottles. Not that we would cheat.

And then before we began, the ever-intelligent Chris Santos passed out Zantac to all the judges, which I have never taken, but am positive I would have died without.

Although honestly, I think it was the amount of milk I drank that pushed me over the edge and almost landed me vomiting in the street afterwards. I realized at that point that I have never had milk without food before. And now I know why.

After we finished our judging, we ripped all the labels off and all pocketed a ton to bring home.

I was really happy to see Puckerbutt Pepper Company in the collection of things that we had tried. They come from SC near where my mom lives, and she send me their awesome VooDoo and Reaper popcorns that I adore, and they are all just awesome people. We did a tasting this year at Christmas and it was a blast. I am looking forward to seeing them again at the event. Plus, greatest name ever, amiright?

And hopefully YOU! So check it all out, there are some good links for more info below.

Steve Seabury on Firecast

Top 10 Highlights

Gothamist Top Spring Events

Village Voice Giveaway



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