CSA #1! And UFTB’s 2 year anniversary!

Today is one of the most wonderful days of the year for me. One, my CSA starts, which means lots of goodness, less thought about what I am eating for the week, and glorious Farmer’s Market finds. And Two, it is the Ugly Food Tastes Better Blog Anniversary! Two years and going strong in to year three. Last year’s highlights included such yummies as Overnight Oatmeal , Seafood Chowder , Ombre Chocolate Cake , Bone Marrow Stew , Rhubarb Roundup , Champagne Cupcakes , Vegetable Moussaka , Fried Green Tomato Sauce , Honey Harvesting and Pickles , and Turkey Tetrazzini just to name a few! And lookit what I’ve got to work with this week!

You’ll notice that this year’s CSA is especially exciting because they have added a dairy share option, which you KNOW I signed up for. And there are also still spots available so if you are tardy in getting a Brooklyn CSA, Greenpoint/Williamsburg CSA is the way to go!

So, what is all this?

1/2 lb. Asparagus
1/3 lb. Mesclun Greens
1 bunch Arugula
1 bunch Radishes
1/2 lb. Baby Bok Choy (How cute is that!?)
1 bunch Broccoli Raab
1 bunch Mint

2 pints Strawberries
2 stalks Rhubarb

1 dozen pastured eggs

Pink Peonies!

Amazing Real Live Cheese Company, 1 Farmer Probiotic Cheese and 1 Camembert

After years of getting little bunches of lavender for the first pickup, I was elated to see these huge, bright, happy flowers. And Lynn and Diego are on the Saturday pick up now too so we get to walk to the park together. : ) Diego and I picked out the prettiest closed flowers to enjoy, and of course the instant I put them in water they started to open and it was joyous to watch. God I have missed this all winter!

We also stopped by the Baker’s Bounty booth and got some strawberry and crumb cakes, and then stopped by the honey stand to get me some allergy meds! Raw Wildflower honey and fresh bee pollen (take 2 spoonfuls in the morning, in my case they are currently being drunk in a protein smoothie Danielle made with nut milk, coconut kefir, protein powder and tea)

I am pretty sure my entire bounty is going to turned in to grilled salads, but I cannot wait to dig in to this cheese!!! I just made onion jam yesterday, they are definitely going to get acquainted.



4 thoughts on “CSA #1! And UFTB’s 2 year anniversary!

  1. Happy Anniversary! Here is to many more years!

    I also wanted to say a quick thanks for the bee pollen idea. My allergies have been awful this year and I have been trying to treat myself with raw honey. I would never have thought to add bee pollen to the mix. How are you taking it? Is it dry?

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