rhubarb berry french toast cubes with rhubarb syrup


So, i dont believe in wasting food and i LOVE efficiency, so the fruit solids left over from your rhubarb berry syrup (previous post) can be substituted for the fruit called for in my previously posted recipe for rhubarb yogurt muffins and made into bread, which pleases me greatly. i love getting several different meals from the same ingredients. So Kat and I decided to make it into a loaf, and then she had the BRILLIANT idea to turn it into french toast and serve it with the leftover syrup. It was the most amazing french toast i have ever had in my life. Hands Down.

Kat and I’s love child…

Nutrition – Not bad. The muffin loaf uses whole wheat flour and is sugar free, here you are adding a sugary fruit compote and syrup in, but again, all natural ingredients, so fine in moderation.

3 eggs
splash of milk
1 pinch nutmeg
1 pinch cinnamon
couple drops o vanilla

powdered sugar for dusting
leftover rhubarb syrup for dipping

Step 1 – Cube your bread.
Step 2 – Whisk together eggs and spices
Step 3 – Heat your skillet
Step 4 – dunk your cubes and cook each side evenly in the skillet
Step 5 – Dust with powdered sugar
Step 6 – Serve with rhubarb syrup!
Step 7 – Tell Kat thank you for growing such an awesome brain!

3 thoughts on “rhubarb berry french toast cubes with rhubarb syrup

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  2. This sounds intensely good. And I love recycling ingredients too! When I make syrups I tend to just put the remaining fruit in oatmeal or cook it down into jam – this is a much more creative use! Definitely going to try this.

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