leftover bash! seafood pasta with grilled zucchini

So like I said, I am leaving for a business trip and need to use up the leftover veggies I couldn’t freeze easily, as well as leftovers in general. The night before I made this, I had ordered crab and shrimp stuffed flounder for dinner assuming it would be a regular sized portion. It was not. It was massive. I shared it with my date, and I still had half of it leftover to take home.

I also had a yellow zucchini and a bunch of rainbow chard, as well as some beet and spinach fettucini. So while this isn’t much of a recipe, I wanted to share one more thing before I leave, and illustrate the importance of never wasting food. I sauteed the swiss chard with the leftover fish,some garlic and butter and mixed with the pasta, and served it with the grilled zucchini. Project cleaned out refrigerator, complete!

2 thoughts on “leftover bash! seafood pasta with grilled zucchini

  1. This looks great – honestly I think I might pick your pasta version over the original (but it’s not like I’d turn either down). I really want to know what the crazy (fried?) squiggly things on the plate next to the fish are, though.

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