CSA Chopped Episode #17

This week has been sheer hell, thank god there is CSA day smack dab in the middle of the week to pick me up!

I am so over eggplant. I dont know what to do with another one. Lynn got the winter squash because I got the acorn one from before, so that is sad but maybe she will shaaare. I am very happy to have radishes again, they are sooooo good. and Sweet Potatoes are one of the best things ever, so weehoooo. Cant wait to eeeeat him!

4 thoughts on “CSA Chopped Episode #17

  1. Community Shared Agriculture. Basically I pay the nice people at Garden of Eve Farm on Long Island to give me a ton of farm fresh organic fruits, veggies, eggs and flowers every week. I did a post on it a couple days ago when i signed up for their winter one, its really great, i am enjoying it a lot.

  2. Indeed! In the same post I mention my foodie book club/potluck also, and now that I am getting in to it, it is really cool and good, and it is all about Indian cooking. So clearly, since you are of that origin, you know all there is to know about it (Sarcasm) Regardless, the main character’s father drinks tea with a spoonful of garam masala mixed in, and i was thinking of doing something similar but adding in Bourbon and cinnamon sticks to bring to the potluck…thoughts?

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