beer braised short ribs and pink potatoes!

Cold weather means I can go back to having my stove and oven on for hours on end! Wee-hoo! Time for some beer braised beef! It also makes using all these CSA veggies easier. Love me a good one pot wonder.

Serves – 4 hungry people

Nutrition – Fatty as shit! But there are veggies and no dairy or wheat.


beef –
3 lbs or so short ribs
1 cup carrots* chopped into chunks
1 cup turnips*, chopped into chunks
1 cup daikon radish*, chopped into chunks
1/2 onion*, diced
1 habanero pepper, minced
3 bay leaves
1 1/2 cups Guinness Beer
6 cups beef stock
2 TB white vinegar
fresh ground pepper

potatoes –
6 pink potatoes*
2 TB butter
1/4 cup whole milk
2 cloves garlic, minced
fresh ground salt and pepper

(ignore the jalepeno and squash that I omitted)

We shall begin with the beef. Dry rub your meat with salt and pepper and sear well on all sides. Remove meat, add onions and garlic, let cook until lightly browned. Add your meat back and add broth, vinegar and beer. Once this reaches a nice rolling boil, reduce to simmer and add everything else.

Keep on low and cook for 4 hours, stirring as needed.

Now, I debated serving this on top of the squash after I decided not to put it in the mix, but then I decided I wanted potatoes. I have leftovers though, and they might end up with the squash. Not sure yet.

You probably have your own mashed potato recipe, i tend to make mine differently every time, depending on how healthy I am feeling. Today I did not feel healthy at all. When i half-ass peeled the little potatoes, I noticed that some of them were bright pink inside! I had to treat them right! The CSA did not mention this, and I have no idea what kind of potatoes they are. Regardless, I boiled them, drained them, and mashed them with butter, milk, garlic and salt and pepper, and spread them around the base of my favorite shallow bowls.

How pretty is that!?

Then, using a slotted spoon, I put 3 pieces of beef and 2 scoops of veggies into the bowl and let the juices run in to the taters. Now, My butcher trimmed the short ribs for me but they were still too fatty for my tastes, so i ended up dissecting my plate and cutting all the fat off, but i still felt it was too much… I’ll take advice on that now. Should i have trimmed them more? Is this just normal and i just don’t like meat fat? Cause I cut it off my steak too, but after its cooked. I feel like I did something wrong. Regardless, the meat fell apart with my fork just as I wanted, and the cats were going crazy with jealousy as we ate, so that’s good, right?

*CSA Ingredients

7 thoughts on “beer braised short ribs and pink potatoes!

  1. Pretty Food & tasty too I bet. i like short ribs but there is no getting around how rich they are. I am not even sure if cooking them a day ahead and getting rid of the fat would work. I have a short ribs and rice recipe I make every few years. Unrelated to short ribs, but I have heard there is a big shortage of prime beef in the US. Restaurants around here are giving notice that it is unavailable on the menu.

  2. As for the separating the fat from the short ribs, Cook’s Illustrated recommends making it a day before you want to serve it, refrigerating it, and them removing the solidified fat from the top of everything before reheating it. They add, as incentive, that short ribs are generally better the next day.

    My problem with that method is that, although efficient, requires way more self-control than I actually have!

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  4. the pink potatoes tasted better than white potatoes to me, but who knows if it was all in my head bc i was so excited about the color, haha. I definitely tried the fat removal method on the reheat. WAY better. Great idea!!! thanks!

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