So, I had leftovers from the House of Jarlsberg sculpture project for the IACP event. Clearly a lot of Jarlsberg itself, part of which went in to my cheesy biscuit breakfast sammies, and also some spicy and some hot salami gifted to me by the fabulous Salumeria Rosi and bread from Bobolink Dairy. Ahhh the benefits of working food events! And what else could I possibly do with all of these things? FONDUE, of course! Its one of my all time favorite meals, because it is a guaranteed good time. You get laughter and fun and fabulous conversation almost automatically, and plus its CHEESE and BOOZE! My favorite things! And with Artisanal Bistro’s fondue month (February) fast approaching, it was already on my mind. I decided to keep is simple and traditional and make some amazing sides. You can’t lose!

Serves – 5 with leftovers!

Nutrition – Literally well-rounded.

Ingredients – fondue

3 cups shredded Jarlsberg cheese. (In my case I had to chop the random chunks I had leftover)
1 1/2 cups dry white wine
2 TB applejack brandy
2 garlic cloves
3 TB flour
1 sprinkle dry mustard powder
1 sprinkle nutmeg
1 twist fresh ground black pepper

For the fondue, heat your pot and rub with halved garlic cloves. Leave garlic cloves in the pot and add the wine until hot. Toss your cheese with the flour and then gradually add to the pot while stirring. When cheese is melty and incorporated, reduce the heat a little and add the brandy and spices. Then its time to dip!

Clearly we were all super excited and devoured most of it before I got a good picture, haha. That’s just how good it was!

On the side I served….

Grilled steak bites, so that the cheese and the blood from the meat could marry in my mouth, crisp CSA apple cubes and fat purple grapes that are a nice cold burst of sweetness underneath the steaming cheese with that fabulous bite of the wine, roasted broccoli, and cubed, delicious bread.

Then there was the hot and spicy salami along with a fabulous red wine salami I picked up at the market on my way home…

And the gorgeously roasted herb potatoes. I used baby red and yellow potatoes and tossed them in red pepper olive oil, fresh chopped rosemary and parsley, and red pepper flakes with fresh ground sea salt. I roasted them at 425 for 45 minutes, similar to what I did for roast chicken.

It was a truly wonderful evening, i got to use up leftovers, see my friends, listen to good music, and have champagne and fondue. A decadent and lovely winter night. : ) Now to count down the days until Fondue month at Artisanal! I can’t wait!

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