BK Swappers latest swap!

Last week I attended BK Swappers food swap, conveniently held at Hayseed’s! I love the swaps. You get such great stuff, and the people are all so awesome. This is what I went home with –

The Diva that ate New York’s Black Pepper Strawberry Papaya Lime and Chili Jam
Butter and Salt’s Coriander Salt
– Tomato Conserve
– Spiced Guiness mustard
– 2 homemade butters – one roasted garlic and another a cilantro lime!

Here’s how it works….

You bring around 5 of something that you have made, be it preserves, beer, condiments, etc and place it on a table and fill out a sheet with a description. Then you go around and put your name on the sheets of the things that you would like to trade for, plus a few extra. Then when the swap begins, you can state your case for why someone should trade with you, and vice versa. Not only is it a wonderful way to get to know your local canners, foragers, and cooks, but it is clearly a great way to trade things you have too much of, and get some wonderful things in return. In my case, I like to trade for things I know I will never make myself, or things that just blow me away.

I traded my Cockonut Sauce which you can purchase here. And I am getting so excited to try everything! This morning I made cheese biscuits with leftover Boursin cheese and goat milk and spread some of the garlic butter on. HOLY CRAP YUM! So good I didn’t even worry about taking a great picture, though. Sorry.

And you will see everything else in upcoming post, so far it has been a really tasty week! Hope to see you at the next BK Swappers event! Here are some pictures to inspire you….

5 thoughts on “BK Swappers latest swap!

  1. Looks like so much fun! But is there any more Cocknut Sauce left? I went to Etsy and it’s sold out 😦

    I’ll come over and lick your pan for $3.50 😉

    Seriously though, let me know about the hot sauce!

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