Cooking Herbivoraciously – a contest and a giveaway!

I recently had the pleasure of attending the book launch party for Michael Natkin’s new cookbook, Herbivoracious, where I ate some wonderful food at Candle 79 . I also got a copy of the cookbook to cook from, as well as a copy that YOU could win!

Whether you are a vegetarian, are looking for new ways to incorporate vegetables in to your diet, or just love pasta and grains, this cookbook aims to please. It is colorful and the recipes will all make you salivate. From blue potato tarts and shiitake tacos with asian pear slaw to corn and tomato confit risotto, stuffed and baked polenta and apple celery sorbet, there is a little something for everyone, and it is a great way to learn about different ingredients and herbs that most of us don’t usually combine or cook with. When I saw the recipe for banana raita, with its jalapenos and mustard seeds, I was hesitant. But when I saw the chickpea fritters, I knew that they would be friends, and so that is what I made first. It didn’t hurt that they are doing a recipe contest called Cook from the Book, and I hope you will vote for me! and be sure to check out how many other great recipes were brought to life in people’s homes. But most importantly, VOTE FOR ME! haha.

I followed Michael’s chickpea recipe for the most part, but I did do a few things different, as I am not one to follow a recipe, mostly because I like to use what I have versus buying new ingredients. So instead of frying in oil, I fried them in a mix of oil and the ridiculously delicious cilantro lime butter I got from BK Swappers Swap

When I pulled them hot from the pan, I sprinkled them with the coriander salt I got from the same event. Coriander is one of my favorite flavors, and I knew it would only enhance an already awesome fritter of chickpeas, sesame seeds, and scallions. I placed the fritters on top of a bed of spinach dressed with lemon and topped with with a dollop of Michael’s fresh banana raita, which turned out creamy and with a magical new flavor I had never experienced before.

I drizzled fresh tomato conserve (also from the swap!) around the perimeter and settled in to try it! It was a deeply satisfying meal covering all food groups, and of course I got double satisfaction from utilizing so many of the swap goodies.

And now I want to know what YOU would make! All you have to do is leave a comment below stating why you want the book, or what you think of the dish I made, and a winner will be chosen at random on Monday, June 11th at 11am. Think of it as all of your names going in to a virtual hat. Only one comment will be counted per person, and then the cookbook will be shipped to anywhere in the continental U.S.

Let the games begin!

*June 11th* A winner has been chosen! APRIL DEMARCO!!!!!! Chosen at random, as proven below. (Her 2nd comment was not included in the numbers, and neither was mine) HOORAY! Congratulations! You are going to LOVE this book! Please email me the address you would like it to be mailed to – As for everyone else, thanks for playin’ and be sure to check out a copy on your own!

24 thoughts on “Cooking Herbivoraciously – a contest and a giveaway!

  1. I want the book! I am always looking for new reasons to stay on track, because bad food is everywhere! Books like this are great inspiration!
    I think contrary to the title of the book that your food looks gorgeous!

  2. I would love the book so I can have new recipes to try out with the (small) bounty from my (small) patio garden! Looks delicious and am super excited to hear you used the cilantro lime butter!

  3. I would like the book because I live in a virtual interesting food wasteland and would love to spice up the meals I make for my family. You Brooklynites are lucky to have such a great variety of foods available all the time and fun places to find them like swaps.

  4. Because Eryn is an inspiration and I love everything she does and would like to try this recipe. I am also thinking of furthering vegetarianism (I now include fish) in my lifestyle and this book seems like it would kickstart that.

  5. I am a big fan of Michael, and looks like I will be a big fan of your writing and cooking. ๐Ÿ™‚ The fritters look wonderful and I am going to have to make some of that cilantro lime butter– hello!

  6. I’d love to win this book — I am trying really hard to eat more vegetable and grain-based foods. Your cooking efforts look awesome, by the way!

  7. After a recent physical, I realize I need to eat more vegetables and whole grains. I am trying to find creative dishes and yours looks delicious! It is a whole new way of thinking and eating so the more ideas I can get, the better.

  8. Oh. My. God!!! Those chickpea fritters, gleaming seductively on their bed of spinach and dressed with cilantro BUTTER!!!! Makes me positively herbivorACIOUS!!! I don’t just WANT this book, I NEED this book!! I can’t even imagine what edible bites of heaven await inside!! I’m feeling’ way left out of the whole deal by being out here in cowtown, CT!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Keep up the amazing work, Eryn!,
    Lexi J. ( aka Seth’s mum)

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