CSA 2 – Green Curry and Red Jam

CSA Bok Choy + Broccoli Raab = Me want Thai Green Curry. This week’s share was a little small, which is normal at the beginning of the season, and actually works out because I have been working my butt off in prep to leave for Florida tomorrow.

Still a good haul though!

1 Head lettuce
1 head bok choi
1 bu broccoli raab
1 bu sweet salad turnips
.5 lb mesclun lettuce
.5 lb spinach
3 Garlic scapes
1 bunch sage

2 pints Strawberries
2 stalks Rhubarb

One dozen eggs

Pink Peonies

For the Thai Green Curry

Nutrition – YES.

Serves 4 large servings.

You Will Need –
1 4 oz can green curry paste
1 tsp toasted sesame oil
1 can coconut cream
1/2 can coconut milk
1 zucchini, cut however you wanna
1 red pepper, julienned
1 bunch broccoli raab
5-6 baby bok choy
1 lb chicken cubes or cut breasts.

Optional –
Brown Rice

This is the simple version. I sometimes like to add fish sauce as well. But this is the vegetarian version as I shared with someone who cant have fish sauce.

Heat green curry paste with a teaspoon of sesame or rice bran oil. Once shiny and warm, add 1 can coconut cream, and 1/2 can coconut milk. Add chopped chicken or protein of choice and let poach to almost cooked in the liquid. Then add in bok choy and peppers and let cook for a few minutes, then the rest of the veggies, cook 5 more minutes and voila. Eat alone or on top of brown rice or glass noodles. Garnish with kefir lime leaves if you’ve got em. NOM.

Then because I’m leaving, and because I like to bring gifts to people so kind as to give me their guest room, I made red jam with the strawberries and rhubarb from the share, as well as tossed in the cherries and campari tomatoes I had in the fridge. I don’t add sugar or pectin to my quick preserves, I just cook them down in a couple tablespoons of lemon juice and call it a day. A delicious day.

One jar for them, one for me, and I water bathed two for later in life.

And just for good measure, some camembert porn from the dairy share from last week…being eaten as I slaved over 7 giant batches of Cockonut Sauce (Lemme know if you want in on that, its for sale.)




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