CSA 3 and Ice Cream Takedown info!

I have been away in the Florida eating my fill of crab legs, so all I’ve got for ya is a little round up. Be sure to come out and vote for me and stuff yourself full of dairy products and sugar at The Takedown next week! And look at pretty things from the farm!


As for the farm goodies…

1 bu Swiss Chard
1 head lettuce
1 piece zucchini
1 pint snow Peas/sugar snap peas
1 bu cilantro
.5 lb mesclun
1 bu scallions

2 pints Strawberries
2 stalks Rhubarb

½ dozen eggs

1 Bunch Lavender

Amazing Real Live Food Company:
1 Dill Farmer Cheese
1 Basil Garlic Farmer Cheese
1 Sea Salt Queso Blanco
1 Stella Vallis Tomme

I was already buying from this farm before dairy CSA began, as the raw milk doesn’t aggravate my allergies like the pasteurized stuff I usually eat. It is so frigin good. I just wish it lasted longer. But such is life. I guess I will have to eat it all right now!



4 thoughts on “CSA 3 and Ice Cream Takedown info!

    • Eating it raw in salads. Boring i know! I eat as much of the stuff raw as I can, a lot of stuff I don’t like raw but zucchini I love all ways! I also like to spiral cut it and eat it as pasta.

  1. Everything looks good, but that cheese looks especially appealing. A few of the strawberries along with some crusty bread & I would call it done!

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