CSA 5 + 4th of July

YAY 4th of July! The weather was awesome, there were lots of fireworks and I had an awesome rooftop dinner party that I did not get nearly enough pictures of.

I call this “Acirema”.

This baby is a recipe I have made every summer since I was a wee one with mi madre. Fruit Pizza. Always different, cause you can do whatever you like with it, and now with my citrus allergy I just toss all the fruit in fresh squeezed lemon juice instead of making the citrus glaze for the top. I am starting to really miss the taste of oranges. A lot.

Then I made an awesome 7 lb pork butt red white and blue with a Blue Rosemary Sauce I made with a touch of molasses instead of all that sugar and added habanero peppers. I grilled it with about 1/2 cup of sauce and then after I shredded it I added about 1 1/2 more cups. It was dynamite!

Then I also made red white and blue Deviled Potatoes

but I made my own mayo and it kind of yellowed everything out too much. But you get the idea, enjoyed those leftovers with a nice salad and the CSA cheeses you will see below

My roomie made cashew dip, a tomato salad and hibiscus tea which we mixed with vodka, and my awesome friend Courtney brought beautiful Jack Daniels ribs and there was a jello flag and a bunch of other awesomeness I am kicking myself for not documenting. This is the party coming together. I highly recommend the inflati salad bar. Fill it with ice and keep all your salads from getting weird in the sun. : )

Then yesterday I went to the park to get my CSA. I tried to go at 9am to beat the heat, but no dice, I sizzled the entire way there. Seems like the broccoli we got had been sizzling as well. Color don’t matter in broccoli though, so no worries.

Swiss Chard

3 pints organic blueberries

1/2 Dozen Pastured Eggs

Mixed Flowers – evidently these are edible.

1 pkg Pawlet AND 1 pkg Rupert, from Consider Bardwell Farm.

You might recall that these are the cheeses I used to purchase at the Farmer’s Market when I went to pick up before we had a dairy share, so you can imagine how excited I was to just get to have them this time!

So, Its damn hot so I have been making tons of salads and curries, currently searching for a new way to sneak all this chard in to my belly. Suggestions so far have been fritters and lasagna! Sounds delightful! I might make some in my oven when its dark outside so I don’t melt over the stove. ; )

Now I am off to compete in the sold out Ice Cream Takedown! More on that later!



3 thoughts on “CSA 5 + 4th of July

  1. Creative and delicious looking uses of your CSA haul. That ice pool is a great idea for keeping cold dishes cold.

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