CSA 12 + 13 + Breakfast Salad!

That’s Right. You heard me. Breakfast Salad. We as foodies rename normal things something that sounds fancier, right? Really this is nothing new or special. Just a BLT in a bowl. But with all the CSA tomatoes that have been coming my way, I had a craving. And also for poached eggs. Which, I used two small CSA eggs, and one had barely any white! PERFECT for me. But weird.

You can see my darling Allie cat peering over to see when it will be time for her to have some bacon. This was my first experience with rind on bacon. As someone who doesn’t really like bacon to begin with, this was my least favorite bacon ever. BUT if you like having what is basically a crispy pork rind on the edge of your bacon, you should try it. I crumbled it up with half a sliced tomato coated in fresh ground black pepper, half an avocado, and over a bed of lettuce dressed with lemon juice. Lay the eggs neatly on top and get excited for some egg porn.

Bright ass eggs! And Truffles peeking through the lettuce. (Not the edible kind, but the barking kind.)

Nom. As for what else happened with the CSA, Week 12 was a rainbow of awesome again, although smaller, which actually worked as I had to use it all before I went out of town. It turned in to tomato jam, the chard got juiced, the fruit was eaten raw, the corn was grilled with butter and cumin, the eggplant was grilled and made in to sausage sammiches with the tomato jam (YUM), the green beans and turnip’s fate has yet to be decided, the greens I ate with salads, and the watermelon was cubed, soaked in tequila and frozen and then used as the ice cubes in an incredible cocktail.

And of course we got these gorgeous flowers again and this time they lived for TWO days! A new record. haha.

So then of course, I was up in the Catskills, and my roommate got the CSA and didn’t photograph everything, but it was a MASSIVE haul. Unfortunately a lot of the tomatoes so far have been bad inside. : ( I think just the pile of peppers is missing from this picture. And we got sunflowers again. Gross.

The chard, beets and bok choy got juiced, the broccoli got baked with some chicken and pasta which I then topped with raw tomato. The corn I will freeze partially and then the rest is still to be decided. And it was a dairy share week! I love dairy share weeks! We got raw milk cheddar and feta. The feta is definitely going to be friends with some lamb burgers, the cheddar I will probably just snack on with crackers. Mmmm.

I am going to seriously live up the next couple weeks of greatness, it is going to be sad when all these fresh stuff goes away, but I love winter and I am looking forward to being able to use the oven again.

Also, in case you weren’t aware, there are almonds inside of peach and apricot pits. So save them, dry them, and then pop them open and take the almonds out. These CANNOT be eaten raw, they are poisonous. But soak them in vodka and in 6 months you will have some killer almond extract.



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