CSA 14+15+16

Oh god I’m sorry. Its gotten worse. I have been horrible about posting, I am so focused on fashion right now I can’t seem to dedicate much time to this at all. Fortunately for you, fashion “week” (month) is over and now we are in to me booking fun holiday cooking jobs, and the drought of my no-cook summer has come to an end. Almost. I am escaping to SC tomorrow for one final swim/boat/kayak/refusetobelievesummerisover trip. I will try and get some great photos of Southern deliciousness for ya. For now, here’s an ugly steak with roasted CSA peppers, zucchini cubes, and cumin dusted corn. All off the grill. Mmmmmm. And some spicy string beans for good measure.

And now for all the rainbows of produce!

CSA 13

Came with glorious celosia!!! LOVED this bunch, unfortunately it had worms and I couldn’t save it to dry. And now I have moths.

CSA 14
This massive haul made for some great lamb bacon fat coooked collards, salsa, stewed vanilla plums and peaches that I canned for winter cobblers and some great salads.

Clovers are the cutest!

This week was a dairy share, and we got water buffalo yogurt which I was initially afraid of and then learned is fucking AWESOME. Mmmmmm. I have been eating yogurt with cut up CSA fruit for months in the morning with my green juice, it has been divine.

CSA 15
This was an exciting haul because we got pears and concord grapes for the first time ever. MMMMMM They’re amazing. I also made a nice cauliflower rice and stri fry I am gonna put in a separate post.

This is the salsa I have been making every week. Tomatoes, red onion, japs, seasoned salt, cinnamon, allspice, garlic, a crap ton of cilantro, whirled in the food processor and then drained.

Then from MY garden I have been harvesting tons of peppers and one lone cucumber.

The cucumber went in to a salad with cherry tomatoes, red onion, radishes, walnut oil, a shit ton of dill, pepper, salt, and apple cider vinegar and I added goat milk feta from the previous dairy share. it was really friggin great.

OK. WHEW. I think that’s it!



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