Winter CSA 1 and 2

Winter CSA is something I skipped last year and totally missed. It is a monthly pickup instead of weekly, and you basically get the same stuff each time. But now that I have more experience cooking, I can do something different each time. I also did a dairy share, which is my favorite.

Spinach, 1 lb
Collard greens , 1 plant
Butternut squash, 1 piece
1 Daikon radish
Potatoes, 1 Qt
Carrots, 1 bu
Sweet Potatoes, 2 lb
Beets, 2 lb
Leeks, 1 bu
Rutabaga, 2 lb
Green Cabbage
Kohlrabi, 1
Fennel, 1 bulb
Eggs, 3 dozen

We also got an incredible trufflebert and mozzerella! NOM I wish I could eat goat cheese!

I made my usual juice with beets and kale, lemon, parsley, apple etc. Peeling all these little beets was such a bitch, but since they end up looking like rubies I will forgive them.

Most of this CSA got lugged to the airport to fly to NC for the holidays, where I experimented with some recipes that I will post once they are perfected, I also made a slaw and I got my parents to try their first rutabaga by way of a delicious soup. (below) I also made some yummy butternut, prosciutto and pear tortellini that I will share soon as well.


As for CSA 2,

Spinach, 1 lb
Collard greens , 1 bag
1 Daikon radish
Watermelon or Black Radishes, 1 lb
Potatoes, 3 lbs
Carrots, 5 lbs
Sweet Potatoes, 3 lb
Beets, 3 lb
Leeks, 1 bu
Cabbage, 1 head
Garlic 2 bulbs
Eggs, 3 dozen

This has quickly became one of my favorite farms, their sheep milk yogurt is incredible and they now carry it at my CTown which rules. There was also a goat cheese but it went to live with Lynn and Diego since I’m allergic.

I pickled the radishes and some carrot with lemon basil, so fingers crossed that turns out well.
I have been making a soup a week pretty much, so there is a lot of that coming up, so get your stock pots out!



3 thoughts on “Winter CSA 1 and 2

  1. Awesome haul! That’s a few eggs. We sometimes go through that many eggs in a month. It’s not hard to once you start trying

    I don’t think I could do a monthly one since I like more variety week to week. Dairy CSA is interesting, although I can be quite fussy about my dairy. I think I’m more open minded when it comes to fruit and vege.

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