stir fried veggies with cauliflower rice and shrimp

Cauliflower rice/mash is the new cool way to pretend you are having a starch. Well actually, its not new, it came about with the Atkins craze, along with scurvy. Regardless, I hated cauliflower until recently, and now its in my regular vegetable rotation, so its new to me, and was inspired by my good friend Emily at This recipe also features a hard to find ingredient, and i apologize for that, but really, black vinegar is worth searching out. I learned this at a dumpling class at Brooklyn Kitchen and promptly went to a restaurant supply shop in Chinatown to get some, it is DEFINITELY what was missing from my previous stir frys.

Serves – 2 generously

Nutrition – so good for you you’ll be hungry an hour later.

Ingredients –
1 head cauliflower
1/2 container snap peas*
2 chopped radishes*
1 container baby bella mushrooms
1 bok choy, roughly chopped*
20 or so shrimp, cleaned and with tails still on
2 tb black vinegar
2 tb soy sauce
2 cloves garlic
1 tb olive oil

Cooking time – approx 30 minutes

Step 1 – I usually hand grate a whole head to use as rice, but this time i was in a hurry so i pulsed it in my Magic Bullet and tossed it in my seasoned wok, dousing with soy sauce and garlic, cook for about 5 minutes

Step 2 – toss in radishes and stir in, cook another 5 minutes

Step 3 – toss in snap peas and stir in, cook 5 minutes

Step 4 – douse with black vinegar

Step 5 – now add in your mushrooms

Step 6- and your bok choy

Cook 10 minutes, stirring and adding water or stock if it starts to stick, when all your veggies are about cooked and the flavor seems right to you, go ahead and add in your shrimp.

Stir for a few minutes until shrimp are cooked to your liking, and then serve. Voila! One of the easiest, healthiest, most delicious, and ugliest dishes ever. nom nom.

2 thoughts on “stir fried veggies with cauliflower rice and shrimp

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