CSA #8 and grilled chicken and corn salad

Its a small share this week, but with a ton of donut peaches, which I have very much been looking forward to, so thats exciting!

Vegetable share:
2-3 Sweet corn
1.5 Lb mixed zucchini (green and/or yellow)
1.5 lb Cucumbers, white and/or green
2 stalks Dill
1 bu Swiss chard
1 bu Beets
1 bu carrots
1 Bulb fennel
1 plant basil

Fruit share:
1 half-pint Garden of Eve-grown organic blackberries
donut peaches

Egg share: ½ dozen pastured eggs

Flower share: dill flower, zinnias, sparkler flower (cleome), etc.

LOVE those brain looking flowers, Celosias, google says. haha. And I love having the farmer’s market pick up so we can bolster our share with what we need in one trip. Today we bought shishito peppers because Danielle eats like 10 a day, some kale, some amazing butter lettuce, and the biggest okra I have ever seen, which I am really looking forward to.

Last week’s corn got immediately thrown on the grill wrapped in foil with fire roasted peppers and some fresh sea salt…

Then I cut it off the cob and added it to a salad of the rest of our lettuce and some artichokes and topped it with some serrano honey balsamic and grilled asado style chicken. YUM lunch!

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